Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Relocating to Plattsville, a late Fathers' day meal and fun family time

Where are we today ?
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        Last night after our blog was posted and we were  still outside reading about10 pm we had good  friends drop on by to chat for a while, Paul, Terry and Leslie. Younger people that want to do what we do when their kids get older. Always nice to chat with these guys, we have kept in touch for many years.
         After another wonderful sleep here at Rock Glen Resort, Got up early as usual and a few nice walkabouts, then soon time to secure our coach to hit the road again. Not too far to go just about a 90 minute drive to hang out in Plattsville at our friends John's we call camp awesome.
love the country roads with these trafficjams
most of morning drive was like this
      Arrived in Plattsvile before noon and got all set up before we had any rain then a bite for lunch hit the spot.
here we are set up  before
noon is a good time for us
      Not to relax this afternoon in the shade with a nice east wind, almost making it feel cold at 77 F
      About 4 pm got a text from daughter number 2 (she knows we are back in the area (to see if she could take us out for Supper tonight (a late Father's Day meal for me) Heck ya we can do that sure would be nice to see you guys again and enjoy a tasty meal together.
      So the Trails Edge in Plattsville is our favourite place to go when in town , just around the corner from here. They do have some awesome food.
        She made a reservation  for 5 pm and we met them there. Really nice to see them all again and get a chance to catch up.
love these smiles what happy faces they have
puckering  up sucking on a lemon slice
     Chatted for  a while then our food arrived.
seafood stuffed mushroom caps for us to start
Suzie  enjoyed a pork Schnitzel baked potato
 with veggies very tasty
Ok I have to have their amazing Chicken wings,best we have ever had
Sauce on the side and my Habanero sauce to spice it up
          Then we did get our waitress to take pic of us all together again for  Father's Day, better late than never. Thanks so much guys, love you so much.
what a fun time and great food here
        Now Grandson number one wanted to try on my hat. And heck I think it looks pretty good on him. Perfect for his summer job working on the farm !
whadda ya think?
Grandaughter number 3 hugging her daddy
this was  a late sunset we caught last night at Rock Glen Resort
    Now here we are back home relaxing inside after a wonderful Father's day meal with daughter number 2 and our grands, Does it get much better than this? Think not, Thanks guys for the fun family time and and awesome meal.
     Thanks for stopping by and joining us today, glad to have you along.
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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. Great looking family and what a nice treat

  2. Nice that you got a father's Day visit and meal of one of your favorites.

    1. Yes Larry it sure was a great time always so much fun to visit with these guys. And the meal excellent as always.

  3. What a treat! Father's Day celebrations can happen anytime. Looks like a great visit with family.

    1. It sure was a wonderful family visit and treat for Father's Day !

  4. Great Father's Day gathering, looks to have been enjoyed by all. Haven't had hot wings in quite awhile, they look really good!

    1. Yes it was and was fun too. These wings here are very good!

  5. What a great looking meal and I think you should give your hat to the grandson. It looks good!!!

    1. The meal was awesome and the family time even better. I just might give it to him if I thought he would wear it!

  6. A great family get together, anf it looks like you lost your hat!

    1. It was a fun get together but he gave in and gave me back my hat !

  7. Nice get together. Looks like they make great food there.

    1. It was fun and the food very good and reasonable.


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