Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Much cooler and no himodty was a very nice day. almost feels cold compared to what we had.

Where are we today ? 
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     Much cooler and less humidity is making things very comfortable now after the hot humid days we have had for the last few weeks. After my early morning coffee got a few nice walkabouts, very refreshing when it is not humid.
    On part of my walkabout spotted this dad and couple of kids fishing in the pond, looks like they are sure having fun time,
Catch and release and they are doing quite well 
the geese keeping an eye out too
            Then about 8 am I put a large pot of chicken bones ( 2 chickens we have cooked) on to boil and make a tasty broth for some homemade chicken soup.
just simmer away to make a tasty broth
very tasty light lunch
     Then we had to deal with a wonderful warm (not hot) sunny afternoon, temps in the mid 70's F with not much humidity was. quite comfortable (almost cold in the shade) compared to what we have been having.
     I forgot mention that the other day I was due for a haircut, so my clippers out to take care of my beard and hair and as usual Suzie did the final trim. Why pay the money when this is so easy to do right here ?
what a nice comfy day
         Going to cook the last of our fresh corn, To do it on our Weber Q I cut the tassles off the top and soak in cold water for 20 minutes of longer.
cut the tassles off
soaking in the sink
      Thenat 3 pm Tucker dragged Gerry over to visit us for Happy hour. He is so excited to see Suzie again. Just can't settle down. ( Tucker that is)
he needs a pet from Suzie
now just rolling around being happy
       A bit later I headed inside for a refill and he knows the drill. I will bring out a few treats for him that only Suzie can give him. He jumps on his chair and waits. patiently, almost.
he gives her a HI 5 and waits
he listens very well
      A bit later we had Melinda drop by for a few minutes and Paul stop in for a chat as well.
Tucker chasing our tennis ball and bringing it back
     Soon time to fire up our Weber Q 100. Tonight reheat the rolled ribs we did a while ago and froze the extras These are warmed in our microwave, and set on our grill mat to finish warming and give a bit of a crust to. A small can of sauerkraut heated up and two cobs of corn heated for about 20 minutes just to heat through
love these small cans of kraut, perfect serving size
a bit windy today so our windscreen was set up
      I preheat our rolled ribs in the microwave for a bit then on the grill mat to finish off along with the kraut in a can and the corn on the cob,
all nicely done and we had a feast , of course more leftovers
for a nice lunch snack
this sure did the trick and again too much food
this was last night's sunset that we enjoyed,
long after I posted the blog
the bets we can do here
   After a very much cooler day that we enjoyed. Read a bit more outside tonight, no flies bugging us today, much nicer.
     Thanks once again for joining us and hope you enjoyed your day as well.
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Where have we been this summer?


  1. Nice to catch a break with the weather, cool enough for a big bowl of your famous chicken soup. Nice Happy Hour gathering with the cooler evening.

    1. Yes Jeff it was a nice break in the weather. perfect day to make a pot of soup.
      And as usual Happy hour was fun.

  2. The cooler day was refreshing but too chilly in the shade for me. Perfect in the sun with no hoody for me. :)

    1. About the same here too cool in the shade but too hot in the sun, just like the desert in the southwest.

  3. Oh to have a dogs life!! I've never heard of rolled ribs, but there's nothing better than corn on the Q.

    1. Yes a dogs life is pretty easy that's for sure.
      The rolled ribs are very tasty. baby back pork ribs rolled up with a sage stuffing. Pretty popular in the Kitchener/ Waterloo area of Ontario a lot of German and Mennonite heritage there.

  4. It may have been a cooler day but it sure didn't slow Tucker down!

    1. Yes he sure was pretty spry in this cooker weather.

  5. Maybe Tucker needs a brother:)

    1. He is pretty happy here by himself when other dogs visit on a regular basis he plays for 5 minutes and ignores them,. He is a people dog.


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