Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, July 20, 2018

Last day here wrapping up a few things, and some minor repairs .

Where are we today ? 
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     Just another day in paradise . After a pot of coffee and computing I got a few nice walkabouts the resort,
my morning walk took me by this campsite where the Goose family
 was strolling and leaving their deposits.
       And I did a few minor repairs. Replace the batteries on our under counter cupboard lights.Then to tackle the driver's side sun visor that has ceased up. This was a project, tried WD 40 to loosen it up , to no avail, Suzie sorted the laundry and when I took it to town I stopped by the Home Hardware and picked up some Liquid Wrench that worked really well when I worked on old cars some 50 years ago.
      While the machines did their magic I finished off a book in the car and headed on home for lunch with Suzie. While I was gone she scrubbed our home right back into tip top shape again. Wow what a team we make! She does an awesome job. I helped her make the bed again and made a light lunch for us.
      Back to work on  the sun visor, Yahoo the Liquid Wrench did the trick,  All loosened up and I took it apart, lubed everything and back together works like new once again, After all it is 20 years old!
good to go for another 20 years!
    Then we enjoyed a nice warm afternoon in the shade, I had a nice long hot shower, Filled our Fresh water tank, dumped our black and grey water, Checked tire pressures and oil on the coach So a few less things to do in the morning when we relocate again.
not a bad day at all with overcast skies
a new author I started grabbed me right from the start
        We enjoyed our e -readers and as predicted the rain began at 4 pm all of a sudden, We were ready for it. But not this father and 2 boys in the playground below, They hid in the tires when the first down pour came then booted it back to their campsite.
they are running for cover, we dry here
we had a good 45 minute downpour
    Soon time for supper, tonight a couple of Shrimp burgers we enjoy , have only found these at the Real Canadian Super Store in Strathroy.
shrimp burgers and English Muffins warming on the grill
on foil
    I made some shrimp sauce for the burgers so easy , ketchup, horseradish, lemon juice. and some tabasco sauce for me, to spicy for Suzie.
this hit the spot tonight
    Dishes done back outside to wrap up his posting and read a bit more, just because we can.
    Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed your day as well.

     PS: I had this posting ready to go and it just disappeared?  On Blogger, could not find it anywhere, So write it all over again. a nuisance but really we do have the time.
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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. Shrimp burgers! I need to find them in Texas.

    1. Barney if you fond them let me know they are wonderful!

  2. OK George you're the chef - how would you make your own shrimp patty? I have about a kilo of Mexican Blue left in the freezer and open to a creative way to enjoy them ...
    Your thunderstorm looks like a wonderful break from hat'n'humid.

    1. I have never actually made shrimp burgers, but would not be too hard, food processor, egg, breadcrumbs, lemon juice, salt, pepper, garlic powder and or cilantro.They would be very tasty.
      The thunderstorm was a nice break freshened things up again.

  3. Every little bit of rain helps, the earth is so dry. We got our rain at 10:30 and half way through the night. Thank goodness!

  4. Love your hat holder/sunshade..too cute. Nice that you two work together as a team to get things done..we work that way too. Travel safely!

    1. Thanks guys, the sun visor does double duty, may as well use it when we are parked.
      Working together works wonderfully for us, everything goes smoothly.

  5. You are lucky in that you have quite a few great places to stay in Canadian. Love that they are all amazing.

    1. We are very lucky that we can move around and stay in different places, makes this lifestyle more interesting.

  6. I've noticed lots of little problems with my blog too. Wish they would get it together.

    1. Sometimes these issues happen whether it be my fault or theirs, so far can always fix it.


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