Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Stiller cooler but sunny, helping with a satellite tv setup and tasty pizza for supper.

Where are we today ? 
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          Just doing what we love to do. Fresh air sunshine and in a quiet campground, perfect. Cooler this morning after great sleep but did a couple of nice walkabouts around the campground by 8 am. A perfect time to get out and about.
not windy at all today and cooler than w have been having
     Made a quick trip  to Strathroy for a few supplies and looking for a new pair of Birkenstock sandals that I love, My old ones are 6 years old and falling apart, but  sure have served me well. They not cheap but are Very comfortable.  No luck here I will keep on looking.
     Back home for a light lunch of leftovers and a fellow rv''er stopped by to see if I could help them with their Shaw satellite dish. Doug and Jan had heard that I could maybe help them. (word gets around in an RV park) They had Shaw out earlier today and they said they cannot get a signal for their dish there where is was installed 2 years ago,
      Ok I can check it out. The trees have grown and they lost their signal so after some checking around we moved the dish about 50 feet away and were able get them up and running again. Then all we had to do was secure the dish to a patio stone he had. After fiddling with that for a while we finally go it secured on a patio stone and a pretty good signal , tv now working again!! Jan is very happy once again !
new location should be good until the trees grow more.
lots of trees here , nice shade but not good for the dish
       It was a challenge, but things that I enjoy doing, helping out fellow rv'ers and solving their problems. Keeps me busy as well.
      Then back home at 3 pm, time for Happy Hour and get right back into my e-reader, relax after all the fun times I had.
what a wonderful cooler day but sunny and not humid
      A while late Tucker came for  Happy hour,just because he can and dragged Gerry and Melinda right along with him. Tucker knows the routine and makes sure he gets his treats.
waiting patiently on his chair
Thanks Suzie !
          We chatted for a while comparing travel notes and computer programs. Then Bob dropped by on his way back for a cold one and share more tips with us as well. Nice to chat with Bob again.
Tucker is sucking up to Gerry
Ok even a kiss too !!!
     After a while we all decided tonight would be a good night to order a pizza from Joey Littles in Forest. Have heard they have excellent pizza and deliver right to the campground. We wanted to try them out so this was a perfect time to share the delivery charge and check out their pizza as well.
Gerry ordered this HUGE panzerotti
      We ordered a medium deluxe pizza, and it was very good, I added olives on my half and fresh tomato slices on the whole pizza. We did manage to eat 1/2 of it so more leftovers for more lunches.hmm Lots of food in our house as always.
this was very good pizza that we enjoyed.
    There ya go our day just flew on by and we all enjoyed getting things done a very tasty pizza for supper as well.
     Thanks for taking peek again and I just know y'all had a great day as well.
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Where have we been this summer?


  1. It all looks so good love pizza

  2. Nice to help others, no matter what our lifestyle is. I'm sure Jan is very happy now!
    Pizza AND panzerotti looks yummy.
    It was another great day. Love these beautiful days.

    1. Yes Jan is one happy lady now. That they have their dish working again. The Pizza was very tasty and filling.

  3. It's a delicate balance -- trees for shade or no trees for satellite. TV is a must have which is why I have an air conditioner! Lol

    1. Yes it is a delicate balance. We watch bit of TV, but not a real big issue with us. Also have A/C when we need it.

  4. With everyone complaining about the heat, it's good to be where it's cooler.

    1. Usually very comfortable here no complaints around here. We can always manage to keep cooler.

  5. When living in Toronto in the 1980s I used to love panzarotti, it is not available here on the left coast, to my knowledge... We no longer order pizza, Shelagh's is amazing. It's nice to be able to help others out with your satellite dish skills.

    1. I have had the panzerotti once but still prefer a pizza, and like to make my own, but Suzie wanted to try out this place.
      If I can help a fellow tv'er I will do my best,

  6. Sounds like a perfect day!!! I wish we could get less humidity!!
    That Tucker sure knows the routine doesn’t he?? So cute!!

    1. Nice that our humidity went away, very comfortable here now.
      Tucker sure does know the routine, he does miss us when we are gone.

  7. Birkenstocks are well worth the money. Looking at the size of that pizza you'll be wearing out the new pair pretty quickly. :c)

    1. The birks sure are amazing and yes worth the money. We hate that pizza over 2 days, glad we just got a medium.


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