Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Another hearing aid accessory, a bit overcast and another very warm day.

Where are we today ? 
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         A bit more overnight rain again. And still raining when I wanted to take my early walkabout just after 6:30 this morning . So another coffee and more computing until just before 8 am when I headed into New Hamburg for and 8:30 appointment with my hearing aide people, Hemmerich Hearing Centres just to do a follow up and pick up my Sound clip A. another cool device that I can use to answer calls on my I-phone without even picking up my phone PLUS I can use it as a remote microphone that Suzie or someone else can clip on their shirt and talk directly into my hearing aids with no background noise. Similar to the blue tooth that came with these for our TV, I can listen to the TV and my own volume, a real bonus when I get up earlier than Suzie and watch the news or a movie while she is sleeping. Wow this technology today sure is amazing, and another bonus Compensation pays for all this.
      After that and few more stops in town I was home by 10:30 for a tasty light lunch with Suzie, Then I got a walkabout down river road to the river, and back was going to go into the bush but to many bugs back there. I did get 2 miles walked in my new Merrel's and yesterday was over 5 miles! Sure is nice to be able to walk comfortably again
always quiet here
nice quiet trails there but too many bugs right now
so down by the lazy river
pretty tame right now and shallow
     Then we enjoyed reading in the shade for a while then we heard a noise, Take a look across the road they are trimming the trees to keep away from the electric wires. Only a few minutes and they were gone.
always an ongoing project
     Now was getting quite warm so thought maybe a quick dip in the pool would be nice.
pretty warm out today
this did the trick 
enjoying my kobo in the shade
      Soon  time to begin supper so I made our salad and got a couple of Cod Fillets ready for the grill. I like to do these in foil because they will fall apart, and I can just bring the foil inside and transfer to our plates.
love this seasoning on our fish
have been using it for years
     Not too long to cook the fish maybe 15 minutes or too until it flakes with a fork
nicely done, just slide the foil on a plate and take inside
very tasty and just the right amount
     And once again back outside to enjoy this wonderful weather while we can, I can finish this posting out here and dive right back into my Kobo for a while until time to head inside, listen to the birds and, so peaceful, gotta love it.
       Nice to have you drop by to check us out, not a much better lifestyle than this in our opinion.

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Where have we been this summer?


  1. Nice to see you are doing well, George, and good that you have all these great gadgets to make hearing better for you, probably better for Suzie as well! It is interesting to see the temperature at 81 and the feels like at 97. whew! That is a BIG effect of humidity for sure.

    1. We are doing well for sure. And these gadgets are really wonderful both for Suzie and me..
      Yes the humidity here is right up there making it feel very warm indeed.

  2. It's 81F but 'Feels Like' 97F that is h-u-m-i-d! I'd be panting under the nearest A/C unit! Nice that you can now hear the silence on your morning walk-about.

    1. We have a shady spot with a light breeze outside so not too bad, it we want a/c we nee to run our generator, we would rather be outside, and dip in the pool if need be.
      The birds chirping, the mourning doves and odd woodpecker are music my ears.

  3. Life is pretty good, we agree that it is the best way for us too!
    Seems this Ontario weather is defined like this: heat=humidity
    but as long as there is a slight breeze, we are happy.

    1. It sure is very good life. Heat and humid is not too bad out in the country with a slight breeze and some shade, we will take it.

  4. I need a personal fan that just follows me around. A tad bit of breeze makes it all better.

    1. A little breeze always seems to make this hot weather a bit more comfortable , good luck.

  5. Sounds like a good day once again! Nice to have the pool handy for sure with that humidity.

    1. It was another wonderful day and enjoying the pool is perfect.

  6. Technology is amazing these days. So happy that things are working to your benefit.


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