Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, July 02, 2018

Relocating to Plattsville for a few days

Where are we today ? 
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      After a wonderful good nights sleep got a few short walkabouts this morning, after the coffee etc... Then began slowly securing things for todays' short travel.
      As we were packing up our good friends Randy, Gail and Haillie stopped by and Rob and Pat to see us off and wish us safe travels. I am sure we will see them again this summer at some point.
Gerry and Tucker stopped by to say see ya later last night
just before we headed in
      All secured and no rush we pulled out at 9:30 am only, 120 KMS (75 miles) to go an easy back country drive. We did make a stop to fuel up our coach and top up our propane (62 cents a litre) for a good price right on our way. As good a price as we can do though gas is not cheap anymore. (Ok we know where we can get much cheaper gas but is 50 miles out of our way so no real savings). Glad we don't do a lot of travelling in Canada with these fuel prices, $1:29 a litre ($4:87 for a US Gallon) and that was much less than other places boy $1.40 a litre ! $211.00 for  a 1/2 tank of gas minus $15.00 for propane.
Love these quiet back roads
      We arrived in Plattsville at Camp Awesome shortly after 11:30 am , Now it is hot when we have to do setting up and stuff. But we made a light tasty lunch and a very refreshing dip in the pool here.
humidex only 106 F today
better than 115F , 2 days ago
    We pulled in here and noticed the huge willow tree has come down. Now we don't have to worry about all the crap from it on our coach, but will miss the afternoon shade it gave us.
that huge willow finally bit the dust
here we are all set up
        Now to cool down in the pool here, a bonus we enjoy while here. The water was 84F very comfortable and refreshing.
this is nice
      All cooled down then to relax in the shade enjoying our e-readers looking at this wonderful view. So peaceful and quiet here is amazing!
        About 4 pm we disconnected from electricity and fired up our generator, Not enough power here to run our AC, but with the genny running we have a 50 amp service and can run both air conditioners so in no time our coach was cooled down very nicely inside.
       Eventually I preheated our Weber q, whipped up a salad and grilled a couple in tasty bone in pork chops for supper.
not long to grill these , low and slow
tasty , filling and leftovers for lunch
      After supper dishes done much cooler outside now, To finish this posting and right back into our page turners for a while until time to head on inside, Probably around 9 pm.
      Glad that y'all dropped on by today and hope you had a wonderful one as well.
75 miles today
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Where have we been this summer?


  1. My kind of roads. Cost of fuel is ridiculous.

    1. We love these back roads, not so much the fuel costs though.

  2. A heat index of 106F, that's better than 115F but certainly not yet chilly. Will you be mowing the lawn?

    1. It will be cooling down a bit then I can mow the lawn, it badly needs it.

  3. Nice to see you back at Camp Awesome for another short stay.
    Enjoy the pool and privacy and heat!

    1. Thanks you know we love it here.
      The heat is wonderful with the pool here.

  4. Oh so lucky to have a pool to cool off in!! I'm glad the tree fell while you were gone!!

  5. Looks like a great day for a barbecue! I wish I had a pool to cool off like you, this heat is has been unbearable. Thanks for the share, keep cool and hydrated.
    World of Animals

    1. Every day is wonderful for a barbecue we always enjoy.
      The pool a real bonus as well. keeps us cool.

  6. Boy those are some high gas prices, and here we complain about $3.38 a gallon. The pool looks beautiful and nice there's no crowds LOL..Beautiful place to spend a few days. Dinner looks wonderful as always!

    1. Yes the prices are quite high, but we don't drive the coach very far in Canada because of that.
      The pool is wonderful and no crowds even better.
      Dinner was tasty.

  7. That gas price had me choking! Holy cow, how do they expect one to travel at all with that price? Of course, owning a diesel MH I'm sort of used to choking when I fill up, diesel is even more expensive than gas. :c(

    1. That's why we don't travel far here in Canada. But here diesel is actually cheaper than gas!

  8. Good thing you don't have to pay the price of gas up here in the North. $1.61/L in Tuktoyaktuk, but that is the price you pay if you want to do a bit of exploring.

    We didn't have a pool to dip into but we did dip our feet into the Arctic Ocean! :-)

    Enjoy the heat we could us a little of it here.

    1. We do enjoy the heat and of course the pool is a bonus too.
      That's for sure would cost us a small fortune to go that far north. But we are enjoying your travels and pictures.


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