Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Plan A on the back burner so plan B in effect, no problem we still had a wonderfu hot summer day. And Doggie fix for Suzie.

Where are we today ? 
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        Just another mild evening and good nights sleep we both had. Up early and a couple of short walkabouts chat with a few people and our plan today was to go to the Pow Wow at Kettle point about 10 am, but a nice steady rain for about 30 minutes at 9:30 changed our plans. Forecast rain most of the day. (ended up did not happen)  Ok don't want to do the Pow wow in the rain maybe tomorrow forecast looks much better.
      So plan B was to see if they need help for the lunch BBQ. No volunteers so far so we hopped in to do that seeing as we around here any way. Easy to do just BBQ some burgers and hot hogs that they sell 3 Bucks for a burger 2 bucks for a hot dog includes chips and a fruit punch.  I cooked  about 2 dozen hot dogs and about 3 dozen burgers, served from 12 till 1 pm.
me just flipping burgers and dogs
always fun when we here
a nice steady line coming in
nice and easy not too busy
Suzie helped out some, with prep and clean up as well
in no time we were done home just after 1 pm
       Just puttered around for a bit and enjoyed our e readers in the shade. 3 pm Tucker came over and dragged Gerry along Suzie got her doggie fix again !
treats for Tucker he is such a good boy
he really enjoys his chair we bought for him too
      Most of the day was over cast and humid but not too hot . Humidex said 100f so not a real active day now relaxing in  the shade was perfect.
this was a cloudy day
       After  Happy Hour with Tucker and Gerry preheated our Weber Q 100 and put a nice rub on a small pork loin roast to do on our grill mat. This was done to perfection in about 45 minutes internal temp 160F. still moist and tender.
nicely glazed on the grill mat
     Added to our salad and of course apple sauce, this really hit the spot tonight. Love applesauce with a roast pork.
tender moist and juicy
     After supper, and dishes still relaxing outside on a very nice warm evening , Chatted with good friends Liz Taylor and Wray we have known for years. Nice to see them again. Just wrapping up this posting in time to get back into our page turners and maybe enjoy another sunset here if we can see it, below is last nights sunset. 
last nights sunset was nice
     We enjoyed a wonderful day once again enjoying this lifestyle, taking every day as it comes. Never know how it will  evolve.
      Thanks for taking the time to drop in and hope your day was as wonderful as ours was.
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Where have we been this summer?


  1. Nice that you put your talent learned on the Weber Q to work on that BBQ! :c)

    1. It was not a Weber but did the trick, was a fun time.

  2. I can just smell that pork loin!!

  3. You look like an ole pro there at the grill.

    1. Yes Larry I am old and have had lot of experience LOL...

  4. Your yummy photos just convinced me to get a grill mat of my own. Holding you responsible lol.

    1. Hey it works for a lot of applications and we love ours. good luck Let me know how it works for you.


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