Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, July 16, 2018

Grand Bend tour and a nice cool down in the pool.

Where are we today ?
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     Low temperatures last night about 70F but a nice breeze with the windows open. We both enjoyed a good sleep.
      This morning was hot and humid so a few early morning walkabouts before I headed into Grand bend for a few supplies. Did get a couple of miles done though.
     Just after 8:30 and I took the nice country drive to Grand Bend. nice to be here in the summer after the weekend crowds that swarm this place. been there done that years ago.
     Picked up a few things at No Frills then cruised on down the main drag (deserted on a Monday) just because I could and in no hurry anyway.
lotsa beach stuff here used to be a good butcher there years ago
    Down by the beach and the pier noticed a nice boat heading out onto the lake, pretty calm today.
across the channel nice beaches there,
have enjoyed them too
this be the place
nice welcome to the beach they have fixed this up nicely
over the years
     Then across the channel to check out all the expensive boats moored here,
take a tour around Grand Bend pedal away and they have a beer keg
for you to indulge if you care
      Back home for a tasty light lunch and enjoy our e-readers outside, then Suzie suggested we go for a dip in the pool. Yup its hot when she wants to go to the pool.
very hot and humid so the pool sure is refreshing
nice during the week not busy at all
even Gerry and Melinda were here too
nice to chat with them for a bit in the pool,
well Suzie chatted, no hearing aides for me in the pool :<(.
      Back home nice and refreshed and Tucker came over for Happy Hour. oh yeah Gerry came too. Melinda back to work again:<(.
Tucker knows the routine for treats
Gerry smiling as well, just because he is posing for the picture lol.
Tucker's treat but he has to wait until Suzie says ok!
in a second his treat is devoured 
now he can rest in the shade and keep cool
      About 3:30 I put a chicken on our Weber Q 100, low and slow, Got on sale today at the No Frills $1:77 a lb, an awesome deal here n Canada.
ready to go for about 90  minutes
Tucker and Gerry Heading home
           Just after 4 pm Thunderstorms came to our area as predicted. But we are just fine under our secured awning and very protected from the wind at this campsite.
      I whipped up our salad, and soaked a couple cobs of fresh corn for a while and when the chicken was almost done put them on the grill for about 20 minutes , in the husks to head up nicely.
wanted some of this Swiss Chalet dipping sauce we love, tonight,
perfect for our chicken again only available in Canada.
     Chicken and corn almost done and the rain is really coming down. Nice to enjoy sitting outside under our awning watching the storm.
really pouring now
corn and the chicken are done to perfection
      We had a nice feast and of course lots of leftover chicken that we will enjoy, Think a pot of chicken soup will be brewing first thing in the morning. Love homemade soups, no matter what the weather is.
tasty and filling
a perfect supper
    Done in good time and the rain stopped, Tried to sit outside , but heck all the house flies were driving me nuts, no biting just a nuisance. So head back inside for a bit and wrap up this posting for today.
Maybe back outside shortly if the flies decide to go away.
     Nice to have you drop on a by and really hope you had a great day as well.
    Accordng to the weather Gods this heat wave is pretty well done, so much cooler forecasts in our near future possibly starting tomorrow. No matter we will take it as it comes.
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Where have we been this summer?


  1. You sure did get a nice down pour and it's nice to be able to sit under the awning but oh the flies nasty little buggers. Chicken looks really good.

    1. We did get a nice rain and enjoyed it while it was raining,, the after our last chicken dinner, the peasky flies came out to bug us.

  2. Grand Bend looks like a nice little town. Great looking supper.

    1. It is a nice small town and a very busy beach place to check out in the hot summer weather.
      Supper was very tasty .

  3. You day seemed perfect. No drama like here in the states. Chicken looked wonderful. Keep up the interesting posts. I am not always about to post a comment, but I will try again.

  4. Wow .... that was some rain you had!! Okay, I'm buying a chicken to bbq since I just happen to have my Weber Q here!

    1. We did get some nice rain , has cooled things down quite a bit.
      Nothing quite like a chicken on the Weber Q, enjoy...

  5. It was one of the hottest day yet, not surprised you were in the pool. It looks very nice.
    Supper looks good too, we have yet to get corn on the cob.
    Nice rain you got too, we need more up here but at least the humidity is lower today. Yay!

    1. It was very hot, and the pool is very nice when not too busy. This is our first feast of fresh local corn and soy good it is.
      The rain was nice and bright with it lower temps and much less humid.

  6. Have to love a pool, at least in the summertime. A bit too cool in winter. ;c)

    1. The pool is perfect with this heat spell we have been having. Nice that I don't have to look after it, been there done that too.

  7. Roasted corn on the cob is always a favorite. I'd be in the pool too, it's a bit out of my comfort range. OK more than a bit!

    1. We take this weather as it comes and can always cool down, especially in this wonderful pool here.


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