Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, July 26, 2018

ST Jacob's Market fun and enjoying more great weather here , our predicted thunderstorm did not happen.

Where are we today ? 
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      Just another day here in paradise. After a wonderful sleep and actually slept in until 6 am , very late for me. Got a few things done and a nice walkabout town after a couple of miles, chasttd with a few guys at Pettigrews Garage that were chatty today, And also chatted with an old neighbour have not seen for a few years. Always nice to catch up with these guys.
this about says it all
a very nice sunrise this morning
even a few bunnies wandering around too
     Suzie was home waiting for me to return from my walkabout then we headed into the St. Jacobs farmers market.. Later than we like to go headed out about 9:30 this morning, Market is open Thursday and Saturday year round, Had a few vendors we wanted to see and almost got every thing what we wanted.
one of our favourite markets
       Lots of cool interesting things to buy and look at, Not much we need other than consumables .
these are cool
the market was actually very busy on a nice summer day
Peaches in season
spotted these the our good friends Pat and Rob are looking for
sent here a text and picked up some for Pat
all fresh and reasonably priced too
    Then into the first big building to check a few things out, we will be back.
        Now over to Peddlers Village a vendor Suzie wanted to see and buy some new  clothes. Then we find out this  couple has retired and no more of these wonderful clothes that she loves. Oh no, she is up set to say the least. Suzie has been buying her clothes from these people for 20years. 😕 She not happy!
a very nice Busker playing this harp sounds amazing 
     Then inside this coverall to check out a few more vendors and Suzie found a water container/flask she was looking for so not all was lost.
      So much to see here  but after a couple of hours we are done and headed back home for lunch.
We did manage to pick 3 field beefsteak tomatoes for 3 bucks and a small Elderberry pie from this Mennonite lady that we always see here. We do love Elderberry pies.! Her mom used to make them on the farm the berries were beside the farm house.
most of our haul today
      Then we stopped to grab 3 lbs of this Turkey Garlic sausage we also love from another vendor , can only find this here so we will be good for a while now.
love this Turkey Garlic sausage 3 lbs  6 meals for us
        Back home a light tasty lunch then I picked up few more things in New Hamburg as well as our mail at her brothers. back home by 1:30 pm. It is very hot and humid. Was going to go for a swim but thought I would cut the grass around the pool.  A few minutes later that was done , then clouds rolled in temperature dropped for 93F to 78 F looks like a storm coming so no dip in the pool. Tornado watch an all. Did have some thunder and lightning , bit of wind and rain for about 10 minutes but looks like this storm passed us by. Thank goodness.
a heavy rain for a bit then the sun came back out
          We were outside the whole time enjoying our page turners an to watch the storm but it went away.  Ok that is a relief . So I took a few minutes to whip up our salad, repackage our sausage for the freezer  and get some ready for tonights supper.
Turkey garlic sausage and a grilled tomato , was very tasty 
added to our salad was more than enough
      After supper we enjoyed more outside fresh air posting this blog and bit more reading. Now almost 9 o'clock time to head inside and soon call it a night after a fun busy day we enjoyed.
    Once again thanks for taking the time to drop by for a peek.
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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. We're hosting Euchre next month, what a perfect 'Welcome' for the guests! Maybe I can find one at one of the local markets. We do not have anything that compares to your awesome Farmer's Market, just look at all those veggies and custom sausage. Very impressive!

    1. Love that welcome mat too.
      We do love this market it is really amazing.

  2. WOW that was a lot of great looking vegetables.

    1. It is a really great market all right in season too.

  3. OH what beautiful fruits and vegetables. Sure wish I could find such wonderful stuff around here.

    1. There is just about everything you can imagine here always nice and fresh.

  4. What an amazing farmer's market. Wish we had one here like that!

    1. It is truly a wonderful market and ion year round.

  5. I enjoy FM's but it only took about 15 minutes for me to get all I wanted of Shipshewana's large flea market. I believe we'll have some sausages for supper here tonight.

    1. Noting quite like a good farmer's market, and fresh tasty sausage is always a favourite for us. too.

  6. We love farmer's markets! Most of the produce is organic. The door mat would suit our place quite well!

    1. Nothing quite like a good farmer's market.
      Loved that door mat.

  7. I've been following your blog for quite awhile now. Sorry for not posting sooner. That is a wonderful Farmer's Market that you visit. The cauliflower is amazing! Wish we could get it at the store looking as nice as that did. I feel for Suzie and the clothing she likes not being available any longer. I find it very hard to find clothes I like, so when I do I want to stay with them, so I can imagine how she must feel. Hope she finds another source! I enjoy all of the dishes you make and you encouraged me to have my husband use our grill mats for more meals. We really like them.

  8. Thanks Cheri for following along and making a comment. Suzie does not buy a lot of clothes but when she find something she like she stocks up. So the search will be on once again forsomethingo she like.
    The produce here at this market is always wonderful and it is always a busy place.
    Glad you like the grill mats for certain items we love ours.

  9. What didn't they have at that farmer's market? They put modern grocery stores to shame with the amazing variety of produce! :c)

    1. They have pretty well everything , except canned good and frozen foods, It really s an amazing market to visit . People come from all over, actually even from the states to visit this market.


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