Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Another time zone, just moving right along to Midland Texas, Much better weather than our last visit here, we hope, then Rousted.

Where are we today ?
clic a pic to enlarge it

     A good night's sleep last night, and on the road about 8 am just waiting for the sun to get a bit higher in the sky.
looking west from the rest are at 7 am, clear blue skies
     This trailer across from us had a nice picture on the back. And even a nicer tractor pulling it,

tractor pulling that trailer,
now that is a long haul trucker
          Hopped back on 1-10 heading east then made a left turn onto I-20 heading more east, the roads good, the weather good, had a few mountains our coach did not like that slowed us down a bit, (she is getting old ya know, 18 years already).
        Just took our time no hurry. East on I-20 we coming to the oil fields and they go on forever it seems.
Oil fields Midland Texas
water tower for Patsy
     The first rest area on I-20 is huge and it is also a Tornado shelter. very impressive to see, hope we don't need to use it for a tornado but nice to know its here.
the restrooms are tornado shelters
even a play area here for the kids?
you send them out when a tornado comes??
 a huge shelter
     Made lunch here then moved on down the road to the flying J in Odessa TX. top up our gas so we good to go in the morning.
     We arrived at the Walmart in Midland Texas at 2 pm, but now is in the central time zone was 3 pm  only one hour earlier than back home now, so  think we will call it a day. Two time zones in 2 days. We have exciting memories of this Walmart from Dec. 2013.
        Dec 4th 2013 we were on our way west and pulled into this Walmart here in Midland Texas on a beautiful warm sunny day. Next morning we woke up to Freezing rain and sleet . Hum pulled in our slide and hunkered down. You can read about the our next 3 days here in this Walmart. Click HERE.
What an experience that was.
1st day of the ice storm Dec 5th 2013

much better weather today
      Now here we are set up for the night, picked up a few groceries and a Market fresh pizza to cook. It was an ultimate meat one that Suzie likes, then of course I add stuff to make it even better. Like fresh mushrooms, onions, asparagus, broccoli, fresh tomato, more cheese, and olives and jalapeno
peppers,  on my half. Took care of another pizza craving that was awesome and of course more leftovers for breakfast or lunch.
all dressed and ready for the oven
25 minutes at 400f  and done
what a great way to satisfy a craving
for a reasonable price
       That was another great travel day, making good time, one more day then relax for a while in some still nice warm weather.
        Below is the map of todays travels.
276 Miles today
       Walkabout a bit more around the store then post this blog and watch the tube for a bit before calling it a night.
       Thanks for stopping by again and hope y'all had a wonderful day.

    After this was posted we were getting ready for bed just after 9 pm. Knock on the door, Security stopped by to tell us as well as the 5 truckers and 4 rv's that the manager asked him to tell us to leave. I explained to him I checkout at customer service at 3 pm to see if we could park overnight, they would not let me talk to the manager told me to see security in the parking lot. We looked and looked for security, and I chased them down at one time on foot but never did get his attention. We would not have stayed here if we had known.  He said no problem , just doing my job, you will be fine here. We won't be back at this Walmart again, we did spend about $70.00 in groceries, never again here.

Where have we been this Winter?


  1. Another good travel day. I'll have a slice with the peppers! After a long day of travel we're ready for a glass of wine, not cooking dinner! - how do you do it? Safe travels!

    1. Was a good travel day.
      There was some leftover so could have. I can still have a beer or wine and relax while I am making dinner.

  2. We always cook dinner at the end of a travel day, even the 500 mile ones. I guess that we have to feed the dogs so might as well feed us. I like that pizza idea. Glad you had a good travel day.

    1. Cooking dinner for me is relaxing, something I enjoy. The pizza worked for us.

  3. Why do Wal-Mart have such varying policies? You are out of everyone's way so what's their beef? Anyway love your blog.

    1. Thanks for following Carol, different managers/owners, counties, towns etc.. thats why we like check just to be sure.

  4. Bummer on the Walmart. Whoever you talk to should be able to give you a yes or no on overnight parking.

    1. Thats what I thought too, but no problems after that.

  5. Pizza looks great! I hope you had no other problems through the night. Did every body else stay?

    1. The Pizza was yummy, not Silly Al's though. All the rv's stayed stayed plus 2 more, The trucks left but 2 more came in later

  6. Pretty crummy of that Walmart manager. I won't stop there on the way home. I know some towns have no overnight parking ordnances, but Midland isn't one of them.

    1. Yeah that os for sure, think the manager ws on a power trip, Like I said we have stayed there before, nice store.

  7. That pizza looks fantastic! I might do that myself - buy a plain pizza and then add all the goodies myself. Yum. Sorry you were rousted - but it sounds in the comments that you ended up staying. I've been rousted twice, once by security and I couldn't stay. He stood there until I drove on my way. My first night on the road, and I was soooooo tired. Second time by two cops - that was interesting! I was allowed to stay that time. Large medical office parking lot, for early morning appt. Whew. I had parked there before, but you just never know. :)

    1. Yes Barbara ya never know, but in the long run things will work out. These things happen sometimes, we just take them in stride and carry on.


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