Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Great day, met more people, and good friends stopped by for a visit.

Where are we today ?
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   What do we have today? Just more weather that we are here for.only got to 88f (31C) overcast a bit and nice light breeze, very comfortable. Think we can handle that. Overnight  was mild windows open fresh air and another nice sunrise shortly after 6 AM.
another wonderful sunrise
     At 7 am I made a quick trip to Sierra Vista for a few grocery supplies and home shortly after 8 am Nice to get that stuff outta the way early in the day.
     Next  take care of the chicken soup broth that I boiled down yesterday. I put half in the freezer and made a very tasty chicken noodle soup today, enough for 4 full bowls a couple of lunched for us. As you probably now we do love our homemade soups.
soup for lunch and some fresh fruit
sure hit the spot
     A few more walkabouts between reading our page turner books.Today I finished a Lee Child book Echo Turning. A Jack Reacher series that I enjoy, really hard to put down. Next is Tammy Hoag, Lucky's Lady . Love her books as well.
      While sitting outside here reading a nice lady stopped by to say HI ! She and DJ had met Patsy and Bill here last fall and just wanted to stop and say hi , Deb and her husband DJ camped next to them here last fall. This is such a small world!
perfect day for reading in the shade
 a pretty nice campground and love the price
          Then about 3 pm had some good friends stop  by for a very nice visit. (they live here in Sierra Vista) Have not seen them for a few years. Met them first in the Imperial Sand Dunes back in 2007, and a few other times over the years. Enjoyed some great times with them, their friends and family exploring the dunes, and have kept in touch.
     Was so nice that they could stop by even for a short visit, catch up and enjoy each other's company. Where does the time go?
Harry and Jennifer, sad to see them
go hope to meet up again next year
       A bit more reading, walkabouts then time to whip up supper.
love the cactus and plants here
in this park
       Supper tonight a Turkey burger for Suzie and homemade Chirozo burger for me (Chirozo to spicy for Suzie)
you can see my Chirozo Burger on the right
    To that we had had a salad en =d enjoyed  wonderful supper at the end of our day.
hit the spot? yup !
      Another day done that we enjoyed , visiting friends and great winter weather.
      Daylight savings time tonight, spring your clocks ahead right ? Moist every where but not here in Arizona. After tonight we will have a 3 hour time difference  from back home. But next week we will be on the road and hitting those time zones and in about a month will be right back there again , waiting for the hot summer weather to come back. Really gonna miss the desert,.

      Thanks for stopping by, hope y'all had a great day.

Where have we been this Winter


  1. What a nice bonus to your day having old friends stop in for a visit.

  2. How nice that Deb stopped in to say hi! She is such a wonderful lady, we miss her but will see her on our next visit. Another awesome day with old friends stopping in as well.

    1. It was nice to meet her if only for a few minutes. Yes always nice to meet up with old friends again.

  3. We really enjoy meeting old and new friends as we travel. Love this weather too.

    1. Always fun to reconnect with people when we are on the road. And the weather just perfect.

  4. "homemade Chirozo"?? I'm impressed! Safe travels as you continue toward home.

    1. Actually Jeff I bought the Fresh pork Chirozo from the butcher in Borrego Springs and made my own burgers. It makes excellent burgers.

    2. Makes sense for us too as Fran is not as much of a fan. I like to scramble some up with the morning eggs now and then. We'll be heading to BS on Friday! 'bout time...

    3. Maybe try with eggs some time too, but don't eat them very often. Enjoy your time at BS.

  5. So nice that you get to enjoy perfect weather before you hit the road.

    1. We are enjoying amazing weather on our journey home, only a month left to go.

  6. It's so much fun to run into friends on the road! Your weather is wonderful!! Just when we thought spring was here it turned cold on us again yuk!!
    We love homemade soup as well. Nothing better!!

    1. Not cold here and homemade soup anytime is wonderful.


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