Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Loving this amazing weather still. And got a few things done in the process.

Where are we today ?
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      Another wonderful day that we can enjoy here. It was 60 f overnight windows open for a great sleep, and over cast most of the day at about 72 f. No winds that we noticed, then around 3 pm the clouds cleared and we enjoyed 82 f for a few hours. Deployed our awning and we were good in the shade.
     Early this morning just after 8 am, I took drive down the road to (couple miles) to Yarborough Landing. Just nice small village right on the Millwood lake with a boat launch ramp very popular with the local fishermen here. A pretty busy spot here on an early Tuesday morning.
lots of boats out on the lake
more fishermen coming
keep your eyes open
fishing on the docks
trying to catch the BIG one
huge fishing tournament coming soon
gotta love the prize money!
notice the Helipad right here
      Now home to putter around for a while loving the warm weather. Walkouts the area and whip up a light lunch,
ponds here still no Gator spottin
       Now because we  can and we leaving soon I took a couple loads of laundry to the park Laundry,
       Read my book between laundry cycles  then Suzie can put it all way, Working like a team we got it done in no time,
Now between walkabouts got some very nice reading done
and we even discussed a few
plans as well
got pretty hot when the sun came out
so awning comes into play
        Soon time to whip up supper, and tonight another wonderful feast of pan fried catfish that we love.
sure do love this catfish
added to our salad and some grilled lemon
it was awesome
     After supper was still a very warm evening so we did sit outside reading a bit more until about 7:30 Suzie has a show she wants to see, So inside, wrapping up this blog posting, after another nice sunset.
a very nice sunset tonight
     Thank y'all for stopping on by, hope you had a wonderful day as well!
Where have we been this Winter


  1. Too bad you are leaving before the Tournament. The Grand Prize would pay for a few years of travel. LOL!
    You've done this often enough to know to watch out for those storms.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We have been through these areas quite a few times.And just keep a close eye on the weather.

  2. I can only imagine what my dad would have said about that fishing area!! Boy did he love to fish and he was pretty good at it!
    Your weather looks great!! Glad you both were able to sit out and enjoy reading!! Very relaxing!
    Take care!!

    1. It is a very nice , popular fishing area.
      We do love to read outside in the afternoons, listening to the birds and watching the scenery.

  3. Always nice to be able to sit out and enjoy the day.
    Great sunset picture of the sun shining through the trees.

    1. Our lifestyle is to live mostly outside, fresh air and exercise is wonderful.
      It was a nice sunset but went rather quickly.

  4. George, you can go home now. Al has seen a crocus. It is spring now. (not here though)

    1. I saw that Peter, but still want it to warm uno a bit more, 2 more weeks we be there.

  5. Big storms coming our way here today. Be careful. The weather is strange this time of year.

    1. It is strange and we keep a close eye on it.
      You guys be careful as well.

  6. Yesterday turned into a gorgeous day but today the opposite. Heavy clouds and a storm coming so we're on the road very soon. Drive safe!

    1. It was gorgeous yesterday, and storm here today as well, we will sit tight. Hope you can stay ahead of the storm.

  7. Weather is perfect in Arizona!

  8. I was at the Real Canadian Super Store yeasterday, that's Loblaws in you area, saw a catfish at the fish counter. $25.00! They fet expensive when the fly!!!

    1. They can be expensive, that's when I see catfish for a good price I will pick some up. Got 4 fillets frozen for $5.00, that's a good deal.
      We do have the Real Canadian Super Store in Ontario as well, find them expensive though.

  9. I'm surprised there are gators that far north.


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