Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, March 31, 2017

Still pretty nice here, no complaints, and few hours just enjoying this wonderful weather. Just cause we can.

Where are we today ?
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     We still having wonderful weather not as warm as what be have been having but still better than back home. At 5 am 57 f outside and did  get up to 70 f today, much warmer in the sun.
     Early morning walkabout checking out this wonderful park, as I have done many times before. So peaceful here at this time of year, Really enjoying it !
the sailboat bridge into Grove
       Made a quick trip to town to pick up a few food supplies and back home to putter around for a while.
       Looking at the back of our coach I found a bird's nest that must have been started when we were at Millwood Landing last week in Ashdown Arkansas. Does not take the birds long to build a nest! It was between our bicycles on the back of our coach.
nice nest almost done, but no eggs, unless they
went away on our over 300 mile trip yesterday
      Just a few more walkabouts checking out the park , so many improvements in the last year, The new pool is pretty well done and wheel chair accesable , it is wonderful! Not heated but sure would be nice here in the summer.
    Then the storm/tornado shelter right next to uor coach , less than a 100 yards away. We were in there last year. Nice to know that is here and secure, plus the waning system they have is amazing in the area.
this the place
      Reading outside enjoying this wonderful weather and more walkabouts.
    The washrooms and showers are pretty well done and are amazing. The new owner sure is doing a great job here.
sailboat bridge this afternoon
large lake here to enjoy if we had a boat 
summer campsites
are these the same 2 geese we had in Arkansas ?
clubhouse from across the pond
     We even got to enjoy some more reading that we both love. Perfect weather for it outside. Then time to fire up our Weber Q and grill a nice 5.5 lb chicken  I found on sale.. Not bad for a buck a lb.
preheat the Q and low and slow
because it was only 60 F and slight breeze took about
90 minutes,but was still amazing
added to our salad was excellent as usual
lotsa leftovers.and more soup
I love my hot sauce
on chicken
     Supper done , another walkabout and enjoyed a nice sunset before calling it a night.
      Now that was our perfect day and hope you had one as well. Tomorrow should be amazing , then the rest of our stay maybe not so much, but we can always hope the weather gods are wrong, can't we?
       Thanks for stopping on by.

Where have we been this Winter


  1. Welcome to Grove. That park should be awesome in the fall, most things will be done.

    1. Always love it here, sure is in much better shape that in was years ago.

  2. Looks like a nice place to stay and food to have a shelter on site.

    1. It is a very nice place, and the shelter on site is a good feeling of security.

  3. A nice looking park! The weather guessers are usually wrong here in the pacific north west. Heavy rain today here, yesterday they were calling for cloudy with sunny periods... Go figure.

    1. Very nice park and the weather so far has been right on the predictions.

  4. Looks like a nice place to spend some relaxing time. Hopefully the weather predictors are off and you have good weather for the rest of your stay. Stay safe.

    1. Yes it is a nice place, and with some luck the weather will hold for a bit.


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