Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Slowly heading further north and a bit east still very nice weather.

Where are we today ?
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        Much cooler this morning way down to 58 f.. But up early as usually got a few walkabouts, computing and coffees done and on the road at 8:30 am. Have a rather long drive today 334 miles, to get to our next destination. Kind of the longer way on road we have never traveled before. So will be nice.  The direct route takes us over some mountains and narrow twisty roads that we don't much care for so this worked great for us today.
lots of nice 2 lane roads, not much traffic and nice scenery
      A good travel day though it was overcast most of it, but not much wind and no rain until the last 30 minutes a light drizzle.
one stretch on a good toll road, very little traffic and
great roads cost $8.00 for 70 miles
worth it for us
Crossed many lakes and rivers, very scenic
     Shortly after 1 pm we pulled into a Pilot/Flying J  to fuel our coach and us as well. We like these for the RV fuel lanes and using our Good Sam card get a 3 cent a gallon discount. Suzie checked out the food counter and had a craving for a pizza slice. They have a new one there Chicken Alfredo, 2 large slices for 5 bucks and using our Good Sam card we also got 2 French Vanilla cappuccinos for free!.
the chicken alfreda pizza was very tasty
the free french vanilla gave us another kickstart
we good to go some more
            Then about 4 pm we pulled into another of our membership parks, (Eagles Landing, used to be Bear's Den) in Grove Oklahoma, one we have been to many times in the past and love it here. No overnight fees for full hookups, nice sites, (cable tv if we want it) and free wifi at the clubhouse.
         Just missed our good friends from Ontario Bill and Patsy they left yesterday.
great travel day but the last 30 minutes a light rain
all settled in and hooked up
satellite dish done
and relaxing by 5 pm, perfect
       During our Happy hour decided what to do for supper.  Hmm, easy choice, we have some leftover pork tenderloin  so my simple version of pork stroganoff recipe here , quick and easy. Only difference was we had a salad instead of the squash and no sour cream, still was very tasty. less calories too.
yummy? Yes it was
this was our travel day, very enjoyable
     This long travel day come with a reward. Kick back a relax for a week here, just cause we can and some not too bad weather before we head back on home in a couple weeks.
     Thanks for stopping by and really hope you had a wonderful day as well.

Where have we been this Winter


  1. Glad you made safely George. Behind you to the left is that white 5th wheel, behind it is an Airstream, they are from Haliburton. Nice people, Carolyn and Ross, we went and introduced ourselves when we found out they were from Ontario and their trailer came from CanAm. Spent a couple of hours exchanging stories over HAPPY HOUR. Mentioned that it was the two of you who we first talked to about going full time. Hope you get to meet them.

    1. Thanks Bill we are settled in nicely here for a week and hope to meet up with them, You guys take care and travel safely tomorrow back to Canada. See y'all at some point this summer I am sure.

  2. Glad to read you had a nice travel day.
    We are curious...we know about the gas discount with the Good Sam Card...but free coffee we have never heard mentioned before.
    Enjoy your time at your new park.

    1. It was a perfect travel day
      This is the 3rd time we have had free coffee showing our our Good Sam Card when we make a food purchase, maybe it build up points or something., we not complaining.

  3. Happy to see you arrived at Eagle's Landing, we like it there too. Carolyn and Ross are ROD members too so lots to chat about. Enjoy your time, we will be at Rock Glen later today in the cold. Oh well, good to be on the home stretch.

    1. We will enjoy it here like always. Hope that we meet them while here.
      Keep yourselves warm there and enjoy the pool and hot tub.

    2. sorry meant to say their home park is Lazy Lakes.

    3. Kind of thought that might be their home park. Think we have met them somewhere in the past , we will find out for sure.

  4. Long day for sure. We have done a few of those. Nice to have a place to sit and recover.

    1. It was even longer in the scenic back roads, but now we will take it easy for a bit.

  5. Yep, that was a long day!! Looks like a nice place to stop and relax awhile!!

    1. This is a very nice place, and we like free too.


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