Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pinery Flea Market, Grand Bend and a new hat for Suzie !

Where are we today ?
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       Cooler overnight and overcast for most of the day but not cold so that is just wonderful. Got a nice early morning walkabout then our friends Paul and Judy wandered over for a ride to the Pinery Fleamarket in Grand Bend. We enjoy visiting this market when in the area and we going anyway. They are fulltime rver's in their coach but do not have a car.
       We at the market before 9:30 and before it gets too busy. Wandered about checked out a few things and Suzie bought a new Hat! And we bought a Lemon Loaf from Noreen who does some wonderful bakery items.
love her new hat
not too crowded yet
         We were outta here before 11 just as the cars were beginning to line up. Good timing. Then to the No Frills in Grand bend for a few food specials I wanted and down to the Main Beach in town. just to see what's going on and show Paul and Judy the beach.
down by the lighthouse pier 
Parasailing about to begin 
harbor for the fancy boats
Beach volleyball going on
Me and Suzie
Judy and Paul
      On our way home we stopped at Juicy fruit orchards and picked up a bakers dozen of fresh picked yellow corn. for 5 bucks and a huge Muskmelon for a dollar.
      Home for a light lunch, a bit of reading in the shade while the rain came down. And did get a nice workout in the fitness centre today.
       Time for "Happy Hour" at Paul and Judy's today, Rob and Pat joined us as well. Aways fun sharing conversations and tips with each other.
       Social time done and home to whip up supper. Tonight a couple of smoked pork chops, nicely heated on the Weber Q on low about 5 minutes a side. just enough to heat them through and still moist, tender and juicy. Also put a couple of cobs on the grill,  for about 20 minutes that had been soaked in water for a while. Suzie commented that the corn tasted just like the Golden Bantam that they used grow on the farm, way back when.
corn and chops ready
       Just added a small salad and some muskmelon and we had a very tasty feast.
      Still enjoying this wonderful outside summer weather, no bugs here until about 9 pm, then time to head on inside for the night.  No A/C needed today at all comfortable in the mid  80's is just perfect for us with a nice breeze.
      Just another fun day out and about.  The campground is emptying out after the weekend again , pretty quiet now.
       Thanks again for stopping by.

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  1. Perfect day with grilled corn at the end. I love Suzie's new hat she looks so cute in it.

  2. Looks like you found another great market. Love the scenery too!

  3. Nice hat Susie! A perfect funfilled day...

  4. I'm thinking that now you need a new hat, Suzie's hat makes yours look a little (lots) worn! :cD

    1. It is well worn, but still serviceable, I have plenty of other nice hats that I can wear, just never thought to change it today .

  5. Like the hat Suzie but does it keep the sun off your face? Your old hat did for certain.

    1. This hat is just to keep the sun off her head (sunstroke) instead of a ball cap. She still uses the other ones to when needed. She actually has two with very large brims.

  6. I love it when Joe grills yummy!
    Nice hat Susie!


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