Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Just another day here at camp awesome, moving around and visit some family as well..

Where are we today ?
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          Tuesday morning and a pretty nice sunrise to start day off. Pretty warm but not hot today, I guess you could say comfortable about 74F.
sunrise about 6:15 out our dining room window
         The usual walkabouts town stop by Pettigrew's chat for a bit, pay our bill for yesterdays repairs and back home. Then we hopped in the car, picked up Suzie's Dad and onto Kitchener . He had some old coins to check at the coin shop, nope no big fortunes today. Then stopped by Suzie's Doc for some meds. All the while detouring around all the construction areas, we had a scenic tour of Kitchener/ Waterloo and took here Dad for a nice outing and back home to New Hamburg.
         Then a quick trip to visit daughter number 2, (15 minutes away) she is always busy doing day care, has her hands full and always a smile on her face. But we did have a wonderful short visit with her and 2 of her boys, nice to keep in touch.
         Home for a light lunch, then hopped on the mower for a while, just to trim some of the grass that is growing, most if it not so much.
        Now to enjoy some quality reading time in the shade with my honey.
a wonderful afternoon
         Again time for supper, gonna grill a couple bone in skinless chicken breasts to go with our salad. Trying them on our Grill Mat  and it works pretty good for this application Keeps the juices from dripping down so the breasts do not dry out, seeing as they are skinless. Still gives us the BBQ flavor and grill marks. Did a very nice job.
Chicken in the grill mat
we do love our chicken
       That was it for our day, keeping in touch with family and getting things done. Of course enjoying the wonderful outside weather as we usually do when we can. On the road tomorrow just heading on down the road a bit. Rock Glen Resort to be exact with a couple stops in between.
       Nice to see that y'all stopped by again and maybe see you on down the road.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this summer


  1. George, it may be time you get a new hat for yourself. Do you sleep with it? :-) Just sayin'...

    1. I have many hat, a lot of them are similar, I do not sleep with it, unless I am in the sun, lol....


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