Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Corn is growing fast now, foot rest done and another warm sunny Sunday.

Where are we today ?
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        Sunday morning and the weather is just wonderful AGAIN! Start off after coffees etc, a nice walkabout town, chatted with few people out doing the same thing, some walking their doggies. Enjoying this very nice summer Sunday morning. 
the corn across the road is growing
 in leaps and bounds
       I whipped into New Hamburg to pick up a chicken "on sale" for tonights supper and stopped by Suzie's dad's workshop to pick up the foot rest that I constructed the other day.
      Next I wanted to vacuum the pool and go for a dip, sun was shining and the pool just the right temperature. Then a bite for lunch.
Suzie likes it, she happy so comfortable
just like it should be, and thats good
           I have a minor issue with it though. It does not fold completely flat like Pat's does.  We will see her again near the end of August so I will do a close comparison. I had only taken pictures and a few rough measurements. But it works and is very comfortable.
hmm does not fold completely flats,
wonder what I did wrong?
       But no matter it does the job. So I put a coat of varathane of it to keep it looking good and clean.
         Did get some quality reading time done as well before time to fire up our Weber Q 100 to preheat, prep the chicken and set the bird on to just roast away about 1 hour on low (internal temp 185F.
spray with Olive oil and rub in my Chicken spice
lid close for an hour then check the temperature
again perfect as usual
moist and tender crisp on the outside
         Just added our salad a some fresh blueberries, yummy and of course lotsa leftovers for lunches and chicken soup in the future. Carcass in the freezer, waiting for another.
     A nice relaxing day just puttering around and enjoy more of this wonderful summer weather. Still outside doing more of that until it gets too chilly probably around 9:30 or so.
      Thanks for stopping by and hope you are all doing well and enjoying some great weather too.

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  1. Suzie might want to use the footrest while you are driving. I don't think it will be stored much.

  2. Replies
    1. It sure was, always turns out good on our Weber Q

  3. Need you to send some of the chilly evening temps my way, sweating lots here in Arkansas. :c(

  4. Not a problem here, come further north, lol...


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