Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Warmer, sunshine and got a few more outside repairs done, gotta love it!

Where are we today ?
           Today the  weather is going to be much better, warmer, sunshine and less wind. Not perfect, but pretty close to it don't mind this at all. 
           Got a few walkabouts done early this morning, nice fresh cool, clear skies and lotsa stars, love it! With the sunrise everything began to warm up nicely .
sunshine, clear blue skies
Gambles Quails everywhere
got a blurry pic of them
nice walk down the wash right
in front of us
           Now was such an nice sunny day thought I would putter outside for a while. Up on the roof got to repair our Tv antenna. Replaced the shaft that was slightly bent, cut to size and reinstalled, works better now going up and down.
cut the new one to length
now almost good as new 
nice view from the roof looking east
           Now with my tools out and warmer but still a tad windy decided to fix our electric step, have the parts so why not?
new parts, ready to go
old parts broken hanging down to the left 
        It is an easy install being my 3rd time now. about 30 minutes and done.
new parts and steps work perfect again
           Now inspecting the old part that was replaced in June 2014, looks like a manufacturing defect. So I will contact Kwikee steps to see what they say. But they have been bought out  by Lippert industries  now in Goshen Indiana. Kwikee was in Oregon?  No harm in trying.
not broken, just fell apart, hmm ?
         By the time this was done time to whip up supper. Well tonight gonna cook up some pork ribs for Suzie and a couple pigtails I had in the freezer. Easiest and quickest way is to do them in the pressure cooker in a pan on a trivet with some sauerkraut 15 minutes under pressure. Quick cool, remove the kraut, slather with BBQ sauce and another 5 minutes under pressure. Perfect, fall off the bone good!
Pressure cooker  pssting away
That's my pigtails
added a salad and fresh asparagus
sure worked for us
         Was gonna save a project for tomorrow but had the tools out and all was going so well got them both done. Tomorrow gonna be much warmer so a good day to really enjoy it and maybe get some serious reading done too outside. Nothing else on the agenda yet.
         Glad that you stopped in again and hope you had a wonderful day as well.

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  1. We've had to fix our step twice too. We were lucky to find the right ones on the internet but couldn't find any locally. Enjoy the nice weather. It sure beats the snow.

    1. We are enjoying this weather, always seems to get nice again.

  2. We had the terrible rain and cold yesterday. Hoping for sunny skies today.
    Shall we call you Mr. Fix It man? Lol

    1. Keep yourself dry there, should be sunny now for a while.
      LOL, I only fix if its broken and things will break eventually, would be a nuisance to have to keep going to repair places not to mention the expense.

  3. Your handiness sure is good for keeping things in good working order.

    1. It sure helps to be able to do some minor repairs, keeps me out of trouble too :<)

  4. Always nice to see the sunshine. We will be in Huachuca City sometime tomorrow and it looks like we will be seeing the sun for awhile. Looking forward to checking out some places we did not get to last year and revisiting some of Tombstone. Enjoy your day.

  5. Always interesting things to see in you travels.
    Enjoy the area and drive safely.


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