Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Sunny, hot, a good travel day and another horsey fix for Suzie. In the southwest seems more horses than dogs!

Where are we today ?
       We had a very nice quiet spot at the Walmart last night only 2 other rv's parked far away. The wonderful part too was the 30 or so trucks park on the other side of the huge store, We did not hear a thing. Quite mild this morning and the nice thing about staying here for the night, the store is open 24 hours and I can go for my early morning walkabout when I am ready, 5:45 this morning. At least the lot has lights.
all these trucks on the other side of the store
        Now computing and coffees all done we are ready to hit the road when the sun was shining 7:30. All good travelling and not a lot of trucks on the interstate. By 10:30am stopped at a rest area and just had to put on shorts and T shirt was getting quite warm, then we actually had to run the air conditioning in our coach it was that warm.
so nice to be on the road again,
we sure do love it !
just running through the Texas Panhandle
Texas rest are and Tornado shelter
reminds me of the Canadian prairies
interesting leaning water tower
         Passed by the Big Texan in Amarillo 11 am, but did not care to stop. for 3 reasons, not  hungry, too early, and too expensive for our liking. The challenge here is to eat a 72 oz steak and all the trimmings in an hour by yourself, that meal is $72.00 prepaid, you get a refund fund if you can do that! If you care CLICK HERE   to check them out. It might have been fun to stop for a snack but did not. Just can't imagine eating a 4.5 lb steak AND all the trimmings, but a lot of people have done it.
         Next we looked for the Cadillac Ranch but really did not feel like stopping, you can see the pics on the WEB. HERE.  Noticed gas in Amarillo for $1.82  a gallon but not ready for fuel yet.
        Next was the New Mexico Welcome centre.
          Spotted this 1935 Auburn convertible, (it is the real thing too not a replicar) Chatted with the people and they have been touring in this from Michigan, now that is awesome !
a beautiful welcome centre
         Then on to the Flying J in Tucumcari NM. We arrived here  just after 1 pm, but we are now in the Mountain Time zone so was just after noon. Have been through 3 one hour time changes this week so we getting way ahead of ourselves.  But we got our long travel in and decided just to hang out here and enjoy this wonderful sunshine and hot weather, love it, love it ! A few walkabouts the property and getting some exercise and enjoying the sunshine. We even got some reading in too. A short travel day tomorrow and we think we will settle in for  week, the forecast looks amazing!

1940 Chrysler
      Oh and another horsey fix for Suzie thats 2 days in a row. These people pulled in beside us with 4 horses in a horse trailer on their way back to Nebaska after a rodeo in Oklahoma.  They need to take the horses out to exercise (they get sore legs) every 3-4 hours and we got the treat right here.

Suzie checking out the horses
they heading out across the field for a walk
     Interesting staying here for the afternoon and night. If we outside  (and we are often) people stop and chat. Lots great people out there and have some great stories to tell. Not only the Horse trailer but on the other a nice fellow (retired truck driver) delivering RV trailers, This one from Elkhart Indiana to Albuquerque New Mexico, tomorrow, he is our neighbor tonight.
wonderful scenery around here too
          Now we have to eat so an very easy supper tonight. reheat our chicken pot pie from 2 nights ago, just popped in the oven for about an hour at 250 degrees last 15 minutes without the tin foil, heated up perfectly. And of course had to have a fresh salad with that too. We have the ingredients.
Tasty? Yep it was.
341 miles today
       We are getting to where we want to be and can slow down our travel days for a few months. The southwest is here, the temps warmer and the scenery amazing. We will spot cowboys everywhere now.
        Glad your stopped by again and hope your day was as wonderful as ours.,

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. I love it when suddenly you have to stop and change to lesser clothing. That is what heading south is all about.

  2. Glad to read that you are finding that wonderful weather we hope to find next year. We'll be wearing our shorts here for the next few days as well.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I hope to be wearing shorts for the next few months.

  3. Shorts and T shirts say it all. Looking forward to seeing you two .

    1. Thats why we heading south same as you.
      Looking forward to seeing you guys as well.

  4. Central is our favorite time zone. What a beautiful day to travel. Stay safe.

  5. We'd have to have a whole gang with us to eat a 72 oz steak so no thanks for us too. You look like you're making great time.

    1. That steak would feed a whole family, but the deal is no sharing.
      Yes we are, now we can slow down a bit.

  6. Ah yes, shorts weather is something to look forward to. We only put long pants on last week, out here on the west coat of Canada.

  7. HI George: Just beginning to get caught up on my traveling friends. Your dinner of last night looks great to me; I love leftovers. I say that anything good fro dinner is maybe even better for breakfast the next day! I enjoyed Amarillo while I was there, except that's where I lost my kitty, Lincoln, and stayed for nine days visiting all the refuges and pounds - and never found him. My thought is somebody took him from outside my RV and is giving him a good home, but I still miss him. Enjoy Albuquerque - it's a fun place too.

    1. Thanks for catching up Mary-Pat.
      Thats too bad about Lincoln.
      Left overs are always good.
      We here in Albuquerque for a few weeks and have afew things we will check out maybe or just enjoy the weather.

  8. You are sure making good use of the free camping. I'd do that but our coach is not hardly usable without putting out the drivers side slide.

    1. We love free camping, another reason we choose this coach.

  9. You sure are having some great travel days! And horses, too! :c)

    1. Yes wonderful travel days and the horses are nice to see, especially 2 days in a row.


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