Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Tombstone, Holy Trinity Monastery, campfire, wiener roast and smore's what a fun day.

Where are we today ?
        I know I took too many pictures to day again, but we did a lot and if nobody else looks at them its a nice record for us. 

        Gonna be another pretty good day so lets take advantage of it. We checking the weather and looks promising today. Then at 8 am our Verizon MIFI quit?  Hmm what now? I tried a few things and looks like the battery is dead. Ok so a quick trip into Walmart and picked up the appropriate charger, check it out, works and only $15.00 US. another easy fix, good to go again.
        Back on line and about 9:30 headed towards Tombstone, but 7 miles down the road in St. David, the Holy Trinity Monastery is having a huge craft sale, 135 vendors. Quick right turn and in we go love to walkabout and check out these things, plus we wanted to visit the Monastery anyway. Lots of crafts and artsy stuff so we wandered and checked out what was here. Did pick up a small bag of local Pistachios and a small pecan pie, disposable stuff ya know.
       The grounds here are really wonderful, the pictures will speak for themselves. Click on a picture to make it larger.
       We did pick up these 2 items below a special treat for us sometime.
        Saw all we wanted there so now on down the road another 15 miles to Tombstone. Now we have been here so many times I have lost count. We have seen Gun Fights, the OK Coral, Birdcage Theatre, the silver mine, the Museum, and even did a narrated stage coach tour about town. Have been into a few Saloons and eaten in a few as well. By far our favorite is Big Nose Kate's Saloon. Great food, atmosphere and fun. So that is our ultimate goal here in town other that check out a few new shops and enjoy the atmosphere, the weekend is always the best time to go more action and most every place is open, not so much during the weekdays.
like my new wheels ?
That's so very true
love the period costumes
This the place and we got here at
 11:30 before the crowds line up at noon.
our friendly waitress
       We got our drinks right away and ordered our food. The service is very good if you beat the rush, I should know I had my own restaurant.
first our Big Ass Beer
Suzie had Kate's Breast
and my number one favorite
 the overstuffed Reuben, extra pickles
         Needless to say after we managed to get most of that food down that's it for us today, maybe a light snack but we sure satisfied another craving.
me under the Picture,
just because
  it's there.
not a piano player that's for sure
this fellow posing for his family 
how is this for a welcome sign?
     We got out of there just as people began to line up for tables. Then just wander up and down Allen St for a while checking out the sites along the way, perfect weather for this today.
how is this for an ATV  electric wheelchair? 
        Well we saw what we wanted to see, did what we wanted to do and ate what we came here for. Now Suzie says it time to head back home to Benson before I end up in jail with this fellow below. Yes dear we on our way.
it was here our home,
easy choice, home it is.
         Now back home we relaxed in the shade for a while got some reading and computing done, just enjoying this wonderful weather.
         Then a dip in the very warm pool and hot tub, what a way to spend the day.
pool not busy about 85f
Hot tub awesome too
        Back home to read a bit more and they are starting a community campfire for everyone here, Burn some brush and make coals so that we can roast hot dogs and smore's on the coals.
right in front of our campsite, perfect
       We wandered over shortly after 5 o'clock chatted with a few people and more arrived, just a nice sized group and the resort supplied hot dogs, and smore's, wonderful.
This is the desert and cools down after the
sunsets so we dress for it.
       The fire was wondeful as well as chatting with some new people from all over the USA and Canada.
wieners being roasted
hot dogs over a campfire= wonderful
the of course smore's
        What a better way to end a perfect day here in the high desert.
        Glad to have y'all along and really hope ya'll had a great day too.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. Great fix on the MIFI unit. Love your new wheels but I think I like the electric wheelchair big tread more :)

    1. I thought the electric wheel chair was amazing, you could ose it on the beach I would think.

    2. I think that model actually climbs stairs!

    3. Probably does, it climbed the curb with ease.

  2. We spent a few days in Tombstone in the summer of 08 and enjoyed all the sites including Boot Hill. Eating at Big Nose Kate's was a real treat as well. Could use some of that Warmth today.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We are loving the weather, always welcome the warmth and sunny skies.

  3. I wonder how the Celtic cross got into the south,

  4. What a fun packed day! Have never visited Tombstone, but when I do Big Nose Kate's is on the agenda!

    1. It is a touristy place, but we still enjoy the atmosphere and stories about the area.
      And of courses Big Nose Kate's just makes the day for us.

  5. You sure had a fun packed day - always nice when an unexpected event like the crafts fair pops up. I assume Tombstone is pretty much just a tourists town. A campfire and weeny roast is the perfect way to wrap up the day.

    1. Tombstone is a touristy town but look past that and enjoy some some of the atmosphere, and folklore about the area. The period dress on a lot of people is fun too.
      Campfire was wonderful too, a nice night for it.

  6. We enjoy the courthouse tour because I think it's less touristy. Even though they have a good selection at Big Nose Kate's, I've always been satisfied with the Reuben and haven't tried anything else.

    1. The courthouse tour was very interesting and we enjoyed that too one time.
      Lots of good things on the menu yes.
      I am the same as you, love the Reuben and just stick with that, it is excellent.

  7. We love that neck of the woods and the Monastery is where we go to mass when we're there. Your pics brought back the memories.

    1. It is one of our favorite areas as well, always enjoy staying here for a while.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Looks like Big Nose Kate's was showing everything but big noses.... :cD

    1. Yeah well who wants to see big noses anyway, lol....

  9. We love spending time at Tombstone. It seems every time we go there is more to look at. Looks like you found plenty to look at today too. What fun for sure.

    1. Its always interesting and very often something new to see as well as the same tourist attractions and shops.

  10. Sounds like you are having a nice time and what luck to be there for Holy Trinity's Art Festival. We hope to visit the Monastery this time through but there will not be festival going on.

    Celebrating the Dance


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