Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Overcast, a bit cooler and a drizzly day, but no problem here it's not cold at all.

Where are we today ?

         Today is supposed to be cooler and rainy and it was, temps to about 60f, overcast and drizzly off and on with a few sunny periods. But no problem, hey it's not too cold and none of that white stuff falling is good.
         About 8:30 this morning was sunny so a trip around the corner to pick up a few groceries we needed. And on my way spotted a couple nice old vehicles.
nice old Model T truck I believe
       Also spotted this 1950 ford pickup truck that looked interesting. And as luck would have it the owner was in the grocery store parking lot with the hood open showing another fellow what was there.
a work in progress
but he now uses it as his daily driver
mostly done just waiting for a paint job
        If you interested it had a Ford 351 CI V8, overdrive tranny and Mustang rear end 373 gears.  Oldsmobile front end. What a nice job he is doing on it. Interior looks good too but I did not get a pic.
Nice for a daily driver
       This is the skies for most of the day, a bit of rain and mostly drizzle, But we had things to do. Putter around get laundry done, some research and even got to read outside for about an hour between rain showers.
          Now with the rain and a bit of wind now and again did not open our awning. Gonna bake some Haddock in our oven with Panko Bread crumbs For the recipe you can click HERE or my recipe Blog on the top right sidebar "Fish Bake with Panko Bread crumbs"
added a salad and fresh asparagus
             Now for those interested  in Big Nose Kate here is a pic I took of her off the Web.
I think the pictures in the Saloon are much nicer than her big nose.
Big Nose Kate 
      We had a very nice relaxing day and got a few things done. Always something to do. Have a few more projects to take care of when time permits, don't wanna rush ya know.
       Oh by the way want to thank Kevin Read for his email about clicking on the pictures and making them larger, seemed to work for me on my Mac but not for other people. So I made a few adjustments in Picasa and it seems to have fixed the problem. So from now on if you want, you should be able to click on a picture and make it much larger now, if not let me know please.
       Supper done in time for Suzie to watch her show Madame Secretary that comes on at 6 pm our time here. She happy, me happy and got the blog posted too. Now kick back and relax for a bit and call it a night. Not sure what we do tomorrow, but it will unfold no matter what.
        Thanks for stopping by today and hope you enjoyed yours too.

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  1. Good pickup pics. The maroon one is a nicely restored 1930 Chevrolet.

    1. Thanks for the tip Bill, you ar the man in the know thats for sure.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank You Kevin.
      Glad you pointed that out, nobody has every mentioned it before.

  3. We got the pics larger now too George.

    1. Yes, we've always wondered why the pictures didn't up-size when we clicked on them, but wouldn't have known how to change anything. :D Glad Kevin helped you out. some pictures we just want to see BIG.

    2. They would size up for me and I thought it was fine, was nice to know that there was a problem.
      They should be mostly real big now.

  4. Sometimes it's nice to have a cloudy day. We had a small cold front come through Florida. It lowered the temperatures from 90 to just over 80. Now the temperature is perfect.

    1. That sounds like wonderful weather.
      Enjoy it even more.

  5. Don't know much about trucks, but the first one is kinda cute ;-)

    1. The thing about all the old ones the have character and distinctive styling.
      Plus they are all fun to drive.

  6. I like a cloudy, rainy day every once in awhile.

    1. No problem here, nice change of pace, we adapt very well.

  7. Replies
    1. I thought so too, see lots of old vehicles here most in pretty good shape too.


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