Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Remembrance Day, Veterans day, sunny weather and ghost town tours.

Where are we today ?
        Today is gonna be another bright sunny day and not much wind. First of all we need to remember and thank all of our Veterans, for the freedom we have in our countries. Canada and the USA. I do remember and thank my Grandfather who was overseas in WW1 and my Father who enlisted in the Canadian army and was prepared to go overseas, but the war ended before he was deployed.
Grandfather far left and right
my father in the middle
       And of course all of the US soldiers that were there fighting for our freedom.
Flags lining the streets in Elephant Butte today
so heart warming.
           About 9:30 this morning we hopped in the car for a day trip to check out some local ghost towns.
leaving Elephant Butte
        This is the tour we did this morning. About 2 hours total and 55 miles of amazing deserted  desert countryside. Think we saw about 5 cars all morning. Love the southwest countryside, so peaceful.
55 miles
        This what we drove and just love the wide open spaces. First town was Cuchillo ( named for Cuchillo Negro = Black knife)  Established in 1850 .
       Not much here like a lot of Ghost towns. Mostly abandoned homes and buildings makes you wonder about what life would be back then.
Cuchillo Bar click here
San Jose Catholic Church 1907
        Then more desert touring and we came across Placita (Little Plaza) est 1840.
San Lorenzo Catholic Church  1907
      Then on to Montecello founded 1856 and still has a post office today.
San Ignacio Catholic Church first built in 1857
Main street
      Love their Fire truck , volunteer fire department, its been around for a while but am sure it still does the job.
The wash has recently been plowed
 probably from recent flash floods
Tumbleweed, only in the southwest
          Now back to Elephant Butte, checked out the dam that created the lake here. The Rio Grand is dammed up in a few places to create water reservoirs, supply electricity and prevent flooding.
         Now time to head home for lunch. And managed to catch a quick shot of the Gambel's Quails that are running all over the place here. We can hear them all day long but hard to take a pic, they move so  fast.
The quails
        Now a light lunch and we can enjoy a wonderful afternoon enjoying the scenery and our e-readers. Not much wind, sun too hot, shade too cool but we did manage, not much wind either, sure was a wonderful afternoon.
and of course the view , amazing !
      Then time to whip up supper. Pan fried Cod fillets and a salad, sure worked for us.
         We pace ourselves and plan the day a bit just to see how it unfolds. No  need to rush around can always come back again and see more, if we choose. Just enjoying the days the way we like.
         Thanks for stopping in and joining us in our adventure today. Hope you enjoyed your day too!

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. Yes, Veterans day. What would we do without our veterans? Actually, I don't even want to think about that. We do have a lot to be thankful for. I am thankful for the relationship we have with Canada and for the veterans of both our countries.

    1. And we are too, our freedom is due to our veterans.

  2. You are of course visiting Hatch? We spent a few days at the Montecello RV park a month ago. Very interesting area of New Mexico.

    1. We are going through Hatch this morning have been there years ago.

  3. If you get time, take a drive over to Hillsboro and have lunch at the Hillsboro General Store, known for their meals and homemade pies (closed on Thursdays).

    1. The ghost towns look really interesting! We have so much that it is hard to imagine life in those days, in those towns. I love the poster of the Cuchillo Bar, reminds me of a western movie. The sun is never TOO hot in my opinion but I've always been that way! :)

    2. Thanks Bill, but we leaving this morning maybe another time.

    3. Love the sun too, the heat does not bother me, (just Suzie) but can get pretty intense here, different than back home.

  4. Neat old ghost towns, I always wonder about the people who lived there , what happened to them and their dreams. Glad you are having such good weather.

    1. Yes it does make us wonder too.
      Still a few people live here and makes you wonder why.

  5. Thank you for tour. Great ideas for a ride, if not this time, in the spring when we come back this way. Love your view of the lake.

    Celebrating the Dance

  6. Where ARE you? If you're in the neighborhood, (Las Cruces) stop by for dinner - uh, you may have to help cook! ;-)

    1. Cheryl you missed us again ! Left T or C this morning down 25 and the shortcut along 25 to Benson AZ.
      Would have loved to meet you and have dinner, cooking no problem, would be fun.
      Hey how about Quartzsite? If you are going to are there.

    2. I'll catch up with you two sometime this fall/winter! :-)


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