Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Indian Peublo Cultural Center, an inside day mostly.

Where are we today ?

        Once the sun came up we did see some brightness and a wonderful rainbow sure was a nice sight on my early morning walkabouts. The we discussed possibilities for today what we might do. Always nice to have an early start to the day.
an amazing rainbow
       We decided a good day to check out the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center   that we thought might be interesting so we took a drive shortly after 9 am to Albuquerque.  It was a nice outing but the center was not what we thought it was, underwhelming is what I am thinking. Mostly recent Indian art work, paintings, pottery etc. And lots of stories on the walls about some of their history of the Pueblos and tribes in the area. But the center was not really completed yet and we found that maybe something was missing here. They do have many meeting rooms a large restaurant and perform some Native dances at various times. The center does give you background information if you wish to tour the 19 ancient Pueblos in about a 200 mile radius. Not something we needed to do that bad. The weather was not conducive plus the Peublos would be rather pricey we thought.
          We did enjoy the outing and see some sights, I made a couple wrong turns so we took the scenic route no rush anyway. Left there about 11:30 and headed back up the hill to the campground about 20 minutes.
love the bridges and overpasses here
        A few minutes up the road the rains began  you can see the clouds and storm , but you can't see the mountains.
East on I-40
         Back home a bite for lunch raining pretty hard about 40f and 25 mph winds, glad we are nice and cozy here and not on the road. An afternoon treat for us was to enjoy a couple  movies, perfect day for it and we have so many DVDs that we rarely watch. It between the movies the rain stopped for a bit so another walkabout.
Major clouds in the mountains beside us
Sandia Peak about 10,000 ft.
           This a perfect day to cook a meal inside. So I whipped up some garlic shrimp with pasta and a salad , was so very tasty. For the recipe click HERE or check my recipe blog top right sidebar.
This the ingredients to saute  while the pasta is cooking
Perfect meal for a day like this
       This was a rare inside relaxing day, we don't mind those at all occasionally, looks like tomorrow will be another similar day only cooler. Apparently back home they were having summer like weather, go figure. The weather gods say its gonna warm up come Friday with sunny skies again.
        Thanks for taking the time to stop by and hope you had a good one too.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. Hope your weather clears up soon. Have you visited Old Town yet? We enjoyed our stroll there a couple years ago...quite colorful!

    1. We visited Old Town Many Years ago and will probably hop again if weather permits.

  2. We haven't spent much time around Albuquerque but did Santa Fe once. Sometimes being inside is the only place to be and especially if too cold or too hot to be outside.

    1. We have been here before a couple times mainly because of route we are taking and our free membership campground.

  3. Yeah you missed some gorgeous weather here at home but it isn't lasting lol. Good travels!!

    1. A few days of this we can handle at least its not to, to cold. And we have some wonderful scenery.
      You guys got to enjoy it there.

  4. That awesome rainbow shows you found the right place to be! :c)


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