Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday we can do nothing other than enjoy the weather right? Not much different than most days, just the way we like it.

Where are we today ?
         Today is gonna be a day of rest. For 2 reasons 1 it's Sunday and 2 just 'cause we don't want to do much, (like usual).
          6:30 this a nice long walkabout the park, watching the sunrise and enjoying the cool morning a quiet time of the day. Checking out some of the gardens and casitas here.
The pictures below should enlarge when you click on them, if not let me know please.
These are huge, believe they are Agave
a young Saguaro cactus
a dead Saguaro cactus
the sunrise outside our door
        Below is a few casitas, lots of really cool ones here too.
      Then a quick trip to Walmart around the corner for a few things. Always see something interesting there.
love this old Dodge pickup
1952 Chevy
         Now Suzie had a craving for ham and eggs for brunch with home fried potatoes. And for this I can use my grill mat that works wonderful on our Weber Q 100.
          The other day I baked a couple small potatoes for this purpose and we still had a bit of leftover ham. Grated the taters added some chopped onion and fried them up on the non stick mat. Added some eggs and ham and in no time a wonderful Sunday  brunch
Needs to be level or the eggs will run off 
what a nice rare treat for us
        Then after reading in the shade for a while hopped on my bike for a nice ride around this huge resort.
love the sign "No fishing"
guess not, no water here right now
          Checked out the clubhouse about 3 pm, they having a Jam Session, looks interesting. But a woman spotted me as a new person and she told me new people here have to jam on the stage or sing! Hmm.. Very nice but we don't do either one. Ok thanks anyway I'm outta here. Got more reading to do. We can here the music a bit from our site anyway.
          Then for supper grilled a hug pork chop we had, added to a salad and some sauerkraut. Again needs to be done shortly after 5 pm, getting dark and Suzie's show Madame Secretary is on at 6.
that was it
          Another great day here walkabouts, bike riding and reading in the shade with my honey, nothing to repair today for a change.
           Thanks for joining us hope you had a wonderful Sunday too.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. We have stayed at that park and there are lots of nice casitas. I love looking at any cactus. Those are awesome.

    1. So many wonderful cactus gardens here too, maybe take so pics of those today.

  2. That brunch looks just like the lunch we had yesterday at the local restaurant.

  3. That's too bad the lady told you in order to attend a jam you had to perform. Maybe she thought she was being cute. The weather looks gorgeous.

    1. Yes it was too bad. Might have been fun but it was inside, prefer to enjoy this wonderful outside weather onndays like this.

  4. We have a grill Joe is in charge of brunch. Thanks George!

  5. We always tape our shows and watch them back at our leisure. That way we can fast forward thru all the commercials. Used our grill mat with a lovely piece of dorado last night.

    1. We don't have a way to tape shows, but it's dark anyway so that's not a problem for us.
      The grill mat does work wonderfully.

    2. That grill mat is amazing! I must get one, Wallmart?

  6. We have seen them at flea markets thats where we bought ours.
    But I believe Walmart sells them too.

  7. Contessa: I fiddled with out VCR, Have not used it since 2010 and was able to get it to tap so maybe will try it sometime.


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