Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Some errands ran today, sent hearing aide for repairs and a very nice afternoon reading in the sun.

Where are we today ?
         Up earlier than usual, am slowly adapting to the time change. At 3:30 am my body thinks its 6 am and I am wide awake, I got an extra 30 minutes so a few more days and should be well adjusted.         Last Thursday my one hearing aid quit so it was in my dehumidifier to see if it wold fix itself. Nope still not working. So I called my Hearing aide place in New Hamburg (Hemmerich Hearing Centre) and the wonderful lady there Cheri gave me some options. Suggested Soundchoice Hearing in Albuquerque. I checked them out and open at 9 am. So I headed the 18 miles west into town stopped at the Walmart then to Soundchoice for 9:05. A few tests were done, no easy fix and needs to go back to the factory for repairs (as is with most hearing aides) no charge here. I have to pay for the repair, (very pricey!) and would take at least 2 weeks. Next option was to send back to New Hamburg. I got it already and took up the road to the US Post Office in Edgewood 8 miles the other way. Sent it priority post and guaranteed delivery This coming Monday, lets hope. When the repair is done Cheri (Thanks Cheri) will phone us and have it shipped back to us wherever we are or may be heading to (no charge for the repairs). Ok, I paid to the shipping buy a lot less than the repairs down here. These are high end digital aides supplied by Workers comp only about 3 years old, I get new ones every 5 years. Repairs are free.
Sound choice in Albuquerque
         I left at 8 am and was back by 10.
I-40 heading back up to the Campground
my exit
        Then headed the 8 miles east to Edgewood and the post office. Custom papers, insurance and priority post done there. Back home for lunch. That was a whole morning running around.
This is Historic Route 66 back to the campground
        A few walkabouts the park and hiking trail, cleaned all the smashed bugs off the front of our coach and actually got some real nice reading time done outside (Jeffery Deaver, The Skin Collector( in the wonderful sunshine under clear blue skies, what a wonderful afternoon !
spotted this bunny looked like he was having a snooze
nice trail
amazing clear blue skies
           Then time to whip up supper. Tonight a couple onion and parsley Turkey burgers and a salad.
Love these Turkey Burgers
           Elevation here is 6,300 feet and Albuquerque 5,300 ft, the forecast for the next couple days is cool and windy with possible rain and Snow! Thursday morning but the rest of the week will warm up some and supposed to be sunny. We have full hookups, free internet and a week of free (part of our membership) camping. The weather not better any other place close that we want to go to so may as well just stay right here. We have things we can putter around with.
        Thanks for stopping by hope you had a wonderful day too.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. Looks like we're both getting chores and errands taken care of.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Snow in the prediction? Well, the elevation is pretty high in Albuquerque . Hopefully, it won't snow or you'll be out of there before then.

    1. Se wanted to stop here agin this year before the weather get too cold, there is a possibility, we just hang out for a while, probably stay till Monday.

  3. it sounds like you have good service for your hearing aids... good that workers comp takes care of the bill!

    1. I have had excellent service for quite a few years now, sure saves a lot of money.

  4. Our poor cat, Bella, has a horrible time adjusting to the time changes. She is used to getting a treat at 6:00. That didn't work out well when we were in MT.

    Hope that hearing aid arrives right on time.

    1. It does take some adjusting to the time changes for everyone.
      I hope it does too, then gets repaired and back here in a timely fashion.

  5. I used to wear hearing aids for years but when they got to where they were un-fixable they said I needed a new pair. The cost was way too high, so for the last few years I have been getting along very well without them. I guess if you get used to them you will always need them. The body always takes the easiest way out.

    1. I am almost totally deaf with out them, I can get by with one aide, but 2 really helps, not perfect but better than none.


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