Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, November 06, 2015

Old Town Albuquerque and a bright sunny day.

Where are we today ?
Hidden Valley Rv Park Tijeras New Mexico
       Today a nice tour to Old town Albuquerque.
         Pretty cold last night, the forecast said going down to 28f but when I got up at 5 am the water hose was frozen and was 18f. hmm, no problem we had some water in our tank as always. Just never know when things like this will happen or the water in a park is shut down. I disconnected the water hose and set in the sun an hour or so later all thawed out. The water taps are heated so that was no problem.  And when I opened our front window curtains noticed this guy across from camping in a tent! And he was not a young fellow either! Hmm, not for us thats for sure, mind you there was a time when I did that kinda stuff, long time ago.
nope not for us anymore
so cold the green leaves were falling off the
trees this morning
         Suzie got her shower and we headed into Historic Old Town Albuquerque.   About 20 minutes west of here arriving about 10:30 am. Sun shining blue cloudless skies and a light breeze. Perfect weather for this excursion. We were here 7-8 years ago but wanted to check it out again, just cause we can. 
         The buildings and area is nice and a wonderful day for fresh air and walkabouts. Mostly a tourist trap with stores selling overpriced souvenirs, jewelry and art galleries. Lots and restaurants too. We check out a few shops but nothing much we needed or wanted. 
          Was a fun walkabout, memories of Mexico, kinda.. Not the prices thou. 
town square
San Felipe di Neri Church 1706
this  guy has been waiting a long time
          At the Candy Lady we sampled a few things and bought 2 Tiny Grand Mariner truffles. 
        Then we walked around the Albuquerque museum some nice sculptures near the entrance, but we had no desire to pay the $4.00 to tour though it, looked to fancy for our liking.
Nice courtyard with a gas fireplace sitting area
         The other shop that interested was Old Town Olive. Now that was fun. We sampled many different Olive oils and final broke down and purchased one that we both loved, Tuscan Infused Olive oil (A delicious blend of herbs, sun-dried tomatoes and garlic infused olive oil. Ise it on everything from salad dressings to marinades. Sprinkle with grated Parmogiano Reggiano cheese and a few twists of freshly ground pepper for an irresistible bread dipper). It was a bit pricey but we had packed a lunch today so that we could splurge a bit on this very tasty-healthy treat. 
so many choices, could have spent a fortune here, but...
this one is amazing
          Eventually we headed back east up the mountain to our campground. Glad we were here early was getting crowded by the time we left.
Sandia Peak Albuquerque,
we took the tram many years ago
turned off 1-40 to take route 66 back to camp
           Back home by about 1:30 this afternoon, it was still a wonderful sunny day and allowed us to enjoy our e-readers in the warm afternoon sun for a while and a walkabout as well.
love the clear blue skies
          Then before we know it time to whip up supper. Fired up our Weber Q to preheat and made another tasty salad, tonight for a change that wonderful Tuscan infused Olive oil for a dressing, Wow what a very nice treat. Grilled a couple Turkey Garlic sausage and what a tasty meal we had.

        Then disconnect our water line tonight, just in case and a nice sunset we missed over the peak behind us.

         What a fun day we had, fresh air, new scenery and sunshine, does not get much better, well warmer would be nice but that will come with time.
         Hope you enjoyed you day too and glad that your dropped by.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. We have been to Albuquerque twice. We really enjoy spending some time just sightseeing. We did a little tasting in Olive....yummy.

  2. You must be getting the temperatures before us back here in Ontario LOL. You had warm weather, we had warm weather. You had a cold night now we'll be getting a cold night. Just wish we could get some of that freedom time to travel. Guess we'll have to wait a year.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. I sure love the colors of Old Town. Like you, we didn't go to buy anything ( although I ended up buying a hat at a hat shop) but rather to enjoy the walks and looking! Fun day for you and fun memories for me!

    1. I can't buy anymore hats we don't have room!
      It was a fun day though.

  4. Love those old New Mexico towns with their special architecture.

  5. I love ABQ... found our very first geocache in Old Town ... Thanksgiving, 2004. We missed the olive store when we were there last month... looks like a good reason to go back.

  6. Albuquerque does look like a fun place to visit. We've been there but didn't really check things out. Perhaps, we need to make a trip through there when the weather is warm. Very nice.

  7. NIce pictures of Old Town. We enjoyed our time there as well. We liked the Rattlesnake Museum when we were there. Wish we could get some sunny skies but at least we have warm temperatures.

  8. We like the old parts of larger cities if they have been done up right. Old Santa Fe is in our future plans.

  9. The detail on those bronze statues is amazing! Must have been done by a sculptor with lots of patience (or lots of time). ;c)

  10. Nice pictures, we are looking forward to spending some time in the Albuquerque area on our way back to Michigan in the spring. We are a little further south near Belen, NM not that it is really any warmer. Enjoy your time and safe travels.

    Celebrating the Dance

    1. Still cold here, but Albuquerque was wonderful today.

  11. New Mexico has an amazing program for residents and non-residents to stay in their state parks.

    For an annual minimal charge, you get your site for around $10 for non-serviced and $14 serviced. We were told that many older folks chose to actually live at the state parks as it was cheaper than any apartment or seniors home they could go to. A bit sad but true. The only requirement is that they have to go to another park after 2 weeks and then they can come back. If memory serves me correctly for us as non-residents it would have cost us about $225 per year and about $110 per year for official residents. Pretty cheap to my mind for a $10/night spot (non-serviced). We saw lots of folks in older style motorhomes/trailers that were "reportedly" in this position.

    We loved New Mexico and we really enjoyed your photos today!! Thanks for letting us ride "shot-gun"!!

  12. So many options here in the southwest that another reason we are here.
    Southern Arizona and California are even better deals, $180.00 for 6 months in one place if you like.


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