Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015

Love all the different cactus here AND my Hearing aide is repaired and back , yahoo !!!

Where are we today ?
        Today is another wonderful day (tired of hearing this?) The usual cold nights and hot sunny days. Today got up to at least 76 f . By 9:30 in shorts, t shirt and sandals.
        But my early walkabout was wonderful, cool and refreshing and so peaceful as well.
        Noticed on the hill behind the campground that they have a lighted up Cactus and a Star, actually lighted up all night.
Took this pic shortly after 6:30
kinda cool
         Now here there is Cactus everywhere (its the desert) and so many wonderful cactus gardens on lots and in the common areas. Now the nice thing is a lot of them have small signs telling you what kind of cactus they are. And here I thought a cactus was a just a cactus, so many different kinds. I did a few collages below and if you click on any pic they will get larger and maybe you can read some of the nametags.
         My hearing aide was repaired back in Ontario and mailed out last Tuesday supposed to be here this Thursday. But had a tracking number and was following the progress. This morning expected delivery is today, 2 days early! Going to Valley Vista Resort one mile up the road. So I checked with them mail usually comes in by 1pm. Went there at 2pm and there it was, amazing! This is the reason we have been hanging out here for so long. 
         Now I can hear better, not perfect but much better, Me happy, Suzie very happy that I can understand her now too. We still going back to Valley Vista for Thanksgiving dinner and will leave there on Monday (after the holiday traffic) moving on down the road.
         Gotta enjoy some more of this amazing weather, and reading in the shade is the way we love to do it.
what's not to love about these clear blue skies?
       Then before it gets too late fire up our Weber Q grill a couple Turkey Garlic sausage to add to our salad, these sausage are really so good.
sausage and a salad did the trick
        Things are coming together and we can move on down the road next week, would have been sooner but had to allow for my hearing aide. Maybe get back on track, our plans have been changing on a daily basis but that's ok, we can handle this weather, love the Benson area, that's why we are here.
       Thanks for taking a peek today, hope you had a wonderful day too.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. Glad your hearing aids are back and working George. I can sympathize with Suzi, there is nothing harder than dealing with a deaf person, We had to deal with my father who hated wearing hearing aids and would conveniently 'forget' them on occasion.

    1. Makes life so much better when we can turn the volume down and not have to yell at each other. The minute I got my hearing aides years ago my quality of life improved.

  2. That you can hear Suzie again negates you from not listening to her. Right? You can hear all the birds too.

    Your weather is typically desert style. Nice!

    1. Being able to communicate with Suzie is wonderful again.
      And hearing the birds again I love , but kind of disrupts the peace and quite of the afternoon, lol..
      That's why we love the desert the scenery and the weather.

  3. It's nice to be able to hear again! I also love cactus. They sure ae beautiful and especially when they're blooming.

    1. Hearing again is wonderful !
      The cactus are quite amazing plants to survive the desert climate and do love to see them bloom too.

  4. Wish I could take home that lite caucus to Ohio. Think I would be the only one in the state with one.

    One thing I really miss about AZ is the blooming cacti. Gorgeous

  5. Seems you're stuck on all those pretty cacti... ;c)

  6. Reminds me of a commercial, George so I gotta say it........"Can you hear me now?" :) Glad things are working out and you can follow your path again.

    1. That's right!
      At least we have the sunshine, the warmth and the desert.


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