Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The weather guesser was wrong, this was not the hottest day of the week. Think yesterday was.

Where are we today ?
       The weather guessers got it wrong today it was supposed to be in the 90's f with humidex about 108 f. and we were ready to enjoy it.
       Some early morning walkabouts and errands, even mowed the rest of the lawn here before noon. Think the high got to 88f, with humidex only 96f. Now thats quite comfortable for us. We did go for only one dip in the pool and that was enough we were good for the rest of the day.
       Not that we are complaining but were looking forward to a few swims all day long.
our towels and suits out to dry
        It was wonderful relaxing afternoon, just putter around a bit and get some reading time in, we both do love reading. 
        Before we know it time for supper so I fired up our Weber Q and made a tasty salad, the Pacific Salmon fillet on the grill about 12 minutes and was excellent. 
oh so good and even leftover salmon for sandwiches
        It was a great day and sure can't beat the weather. Tomorrow we hook up the car and head about 90 minutes west to Rock Glen Resort for a couple weeks. It is our membership home park so we have no overnight fees with full hookups and lots of great facilities. A nice change but it will be a busy place, (long weekend and all) we can deal with that, a nice shady spot off in a corner somewhere.
         Hope you had a great day too.
         Glad that you came by for a visit again.
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  1. You're cooking lots of fish lately. I should be at your place and eating it with you! Doesn't it amaze you how the weather "guessers" can be so wrong so often and yet we all check to see what the forecast is from the same folks?

    1. Love fish and it pretty healthy as well.
      How many times can you make a mistake in your job and still have one?

  2. I'd be happy if these weather guessers were right even half the time! ;C)


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