Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Happy Independence day to all our American Friends, Farmer's Market and Spider Dog information.

Where are we today ?

Would like to wish a
Happy Independence Day to all of our American Friends

       Pretty cool early this morning (45f =7.C) but it warmed up quickly to the mid 70's again,(24C). After the walkabouts we headed into Peterborough about 25 minutes away. Destination The Farmer's Market.  
       Before getting there we stopped at Giant Tiger to pick up a few items, then through downtown to the Market.
      Along the way passed a few nice old churches.
      Then through the downtown core along George St.. And what do they call it? Downtown George of course.
          Then arrived at the Farmer's market shortly after 10 am.  Another Market that we enjoy when in the area. Fresh food, Baked goods, crafts produce its all good.
wood fired pizza oven, even Gluten free as well
      Perfect weather for the market , busy but not too crowded, Lots of free samples to try as well.
sampled some spring rolls, very tasty,
even brought some home.
lots of fresh produce, but no local corn yet 
pies , tarts etc.. 
first batch Field tomatoes, had to get some of those
of course, still fresh local strawberries,
gotta get some more
Hula hoops , need one?
         Even a few buskers to add to the atmosphere, always a nice touch.

local mushrooms
cool solar lights from old glassware,
       Have heard of craft beer but never Craft Soda before, very interesting concept even has a website click here if you like.
Craft Soda
amazing hot stuff
More great hot stuff
       Then the final stop on the way out was to pick up some fresh sweet cherries, oh to tasty.
      Then we made our way back home, for a light lunch, putter around for a while , enjoy our e-readers, then join our neighbors for a nice social hour. Chat for a while and Suzie got her "doggie fix" again with BJ and Max.
BJ (Billie Jean)
        But then before we know it 5 o'clock and time for supper. So I fired up our Weber Q, whipped up a salad and grilled a couple pork chops and fresh tomatoes halves with garlic goat cheese we got at the market today, AMAZING flavor.
very tasty supper again
         I had posted yesterday about spider dogs for the grands and people have been asking what are they? We have been making them for years, just thought every camper knew what they were.
         Just a different way to cook a hot dog , preferably on a campfire but can be done on a BBQ or even boiled in water. Fun for children of all ages and changes the shape and taste of a hot dog, I found a website HERE 
     I even dug up a few pics I had taken a while ago as well.
they curl up and kinda look like a spider
       That was another great day we had here, and a wonderful evening as well. Had a few people stop by for a visit after supper, and we enjoyed chatting outside until about 9:30pm when them darn Skeeters decided they want to come out and eat. No problem time to head inside anyway.
        Thanks for stopping in again and hope y'all had a great day too.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Spring and Summer.


  1. G'day George ..... g'day Mum Suzie ... crikey you two sure have a good time. Those markets look amazing. We've got markets here too but everything always looks bigger and better over your way. We have a local farmers market every Sunday just down the road from where we live. It's all local produce and it's excellent but that's all they sell. Fresh produce. Certainly no hula hoops.
    You're sure taken care of in the Church department, aye?? That's quite a few to chose from. Very attractive churches too I might add. Oh and Mum wants to come to your place for dinner. That meal sure got the taste buds working. Even that lettuce stuff looked good enough for me to eat.
    When we get back home Mum's going to make the Grandkids some of those spider dogs. They'll love 'em. I hope I score one too.

    1. Thanks Charlie, hope you score one as well after Mum gave your sardines to the pelicans you deserve it.

  2. Looks like a well spent day at a nice place. I would have had to come home with some of those cherries as well.

    1. Again was wonderful, and the cherries, excellent.

  3. Must admit I've never had a spider dog before. What a great idea. Wonder if that craft soda idea will take off like the craft beer did.

    1. Don't know about the craft soda, soda is something don't drink like a lot of people we know.

    2. Crikey ..... g'day Jim and Sandie ...... fancy finding you here!!!!

  4. Downtown George looks so charming. I love the old churches.
    Looks like another super farmers market.

  5. There you go again finding another nice market. You sure seem to know where all the good ones are.

    1. That's one thing that we both enjoy exploring and always look for new ones in our travels.

  6. Thnaks for sharing some of the local views of Downtown George, looks like a neat little town. I have seen various creations made of that old glass but never before solar lights, very creative. Yum to the field tomatoes.

    1. Thanks for joining us too.
      Always seem to find some interesting things at these markets.


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