Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, July 31, 2015

A very relaxing day here at Rock Glen resort. Fixed our levelling jacks too!

Where are we today ?
        Now we are having cooler weather, but not cold.  A nice shady spot temps into the low 80's F (27c) , nice breeze really can't complain. 
         Yesterday our levelling jacks had blown a fuse, again. So this morning I did some investigating and think I found the problem. 2 blown fuses. At least they are working fine again. 2nd time in 10 years, but and easy cheap fix.
        Our internet is sporadic as I said yesterday so Suzie actually when shopping with me today. Once we leave the valley here in the park is our Rogers internet works fine.
campground filling up
         Into Forest 10 minutes away they have a small farmer's market on friday. Local farmers selling what's in season.
a few nice woodworking crafts too 
love this hanging strawberry plant
Next stop Birham Orchards,
just a nice local place with fresh stuff in season
excellent fresh picked corn
best peaches yet this year
        After many walkabouts and chatting with so many people time to relax in the shade with our e-readers. It is wonderful! Then time to try our a new beer here only available in Canada. Bud Light Apple, nice and refreshing, definitely apple flavored and not too sweet.
     Then time to begin supper. Making some corn Kabobs and smoked pork chops.
pretty easy and very tasty
      When we have better internet I will post the recipe.
almost done and a huge chop to share
oh yeah new taste sensations
Suzie got her doggie fix with Hailey
       That was our wonderful day, and hope you had a good one too.
       Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Very creative kabobs! Good to see you back to some serious relaxing and reading.

    1. The kabobs were very tasty and the serious reading fun too.

  2. Haven't tried that beer yet. Have you tried Not Your Father's Root Beer. It is delicious. Tastes just like Root Beer....only much stronger...hehe

    1. The Bud Light apple is only available in Canada, have not seen the root beer, will keep an eye out for it thks.

    2. I like root beer and be even better with a kick!

  3. They must be test marketing that apple beer in Canada. The only flavor I like in beer is alcohol. My friends tried to pass off pumpkin beer on me this past fall. Yuch.

    1. I prefer regular beer too, Suzie like Apple wine so thought would get one for her to try.

  4. Yeah! No more rolling out of bed now that you're level again! :cD

  5. Love those farmer's markets you always seem to find. I wish we could find more of them just like yours.

    1. Major farm country around here and touristy areas places nearby helps.


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