Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday but a bit cooler..

Where are we today ?
Buckhorn Ontario
        A bit cooler today only 29 (84f) and not much humidity so not too bad. Lotsa walkabouts the resort today, chat with people have not seen for a while and even had time to read for a while this afternoon for about and hour. Took a couple pics of two new bear carvings in the park too, all are very well done, at least they are making use of the tree stumps for decorations.
Notice the French Canadian influence
from the new owners of the park.
this bear is bilingual
        Before we knew it the day had kind of slipped away, stopped for a short "Happy hour" then fired up out Weber to grill a couple burgers on fresh kaiser buns from the bakery. Got them all loaded up and a side dish of KD (Kraft macaroni dinner). Something we have not had for many years, probably because when we were much younger (and thats a long time ago!) it was the mainstay of our diets. And you know what? It still tastes the same, no too bad at all if I cover it with Cayenne pepper.
tasty burger
        We thats it read outside for a bit chat with a few more neighbors then by 9 o'clock time to head inside , getting cold and dark only 18c (64f).
        All is good with a nice relaxing day or two, thanks for the read.
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  1. Many of our days slip away before we realize it too. That's what happens when you stay busy.

  2. A nice, simple easy to make dinner - might just try that tonight!!


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