Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blues skies, wonderfully hot, and coach waxing is done.

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Resort Arkona Ontario
        Was cool overnight just perfect for sleeping. As the sun rose the temps gradually climbed to 26c by noon with the humidity feeling like 29c (84f) perfect.
        Before it got too warm thou I proceeded to to finish putting the shine on the driver's side of our coach. Over the last couple of days I had de-oxidized this side with polishing compound ready for Meguire's newest liquid wax. This easy to use long lasting poylmer finish does a great job. This 13 year old coach does take a bit of work but cleans up pretty good, hey its paid for!
Wax, compound and my 6 inch buffer
see I did do it
Now I am happy with it , for a while
        Got this all done by noon, had a bite to eat then can relax in the shade. Compute a bit and get back into our books for a while. Yep this is the life.
        Well soon time to fire up our Weber Q-100 and throw on a small pork loin roast. Whip up a few creamy mashed potatoes and steamed boccoli, apple sauce we have an nice tasty supper.
nice grilled pork roast
pretty tasty
        Then outside to read in the shade for a bit just enjoying the great weather. After a bit Mary Ann  dropped by the chat and relax with a cool beverage (a break from the kids). Oh and brought her dog (Boston) we had a very nice visit until she was called away for more pressing matters. 
         Now we head on down to vist John and Wendy, start a nice campfire and visit for a bit.
nice fire that Suzie got going
Wendy, Ian and John
         Their two (now older children) Chelsea and Jeff joined us for a bit and we chatted around their wonderful campfire. So nice to see these guys after so many years, not little kids anymore.

        Now that's it, getting too late ,time to call it a night.
        Glad you could drop by.... Good night.
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  1. Your blog reminded us that it's time to put a new wax job on our coach too. It takes a bit of work but like you said there certainly is something good about it being paid for.

    I use our weber a lot too but not as much as you. You cook just about everything on it. I'm afraid I'd over cook some of those things or undercook them.

    1. Paid for is good , and keeping it looking great is a bit of work but well worth it.

      Practice and an instant read thermometer takes the guess work out of getting the proper temperatures.

  2. Great wax job! Those buffers sure help make the coach sparkle.

    1. Yes they do and make the job go much quicker with less effort.


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