Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Omer looking for a critter..

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
        We have had a busy week and all, never a dull moment for us and our families. Sometimes stressfull but always productive in one way or another. My sister is staying at Ma's getting her straightened away and doing an awesome job of it to, getting things together doctor appoinments etc.... Thanks Lulu!!!
         Me I try and help when needed so today stop by the hardware store and pick up a new cartridge for the Moen tap on Ma's ensuite bathroom sink. I have replaced most of these over the last few years. Then off to Waterloo to visit for bit, got the cartridge replaced, but not without much difficulty. Eighteens years old and hard water played havoc with the removal, Sis helped by calling customer support but it finally came loose. New cartridge in and taps work like new! Thanks Moen for free cartridges for life. They are certainly worth the money. 
        After this checked out the bedroom tv (not enough volume after I installed the cable box the other day). No change, the cable company coming next week to check it out. Sis took ma to the Doc and checked things out so we can deal with stuff, so far looking pretty good.  A few changes but we are working on that.
        Back home at the farm, a bit of lunch then into Plattsville to talk to Lea and John about the long weekend, maybe vist there for a few days. Will report later on those results. 
        In the meantime back at the farm we noticed some critter was digging  a hole by a tree in the laneway. 
somebody digging here
Now Omer wants to see who is there

digging and digging

getting in there
dirt flying

deep whole and nobody home
looking to see who is there 
nobody home???
        So after all this excitement and Omer does his job quite well (good Dog). We never did find a critter. We can read for a bit before its time for supper.
        Tonight for supper we are taking our hosts out for supper, just because they are putting up with us and it is Dennis' birthday (Suzie's Brother). His choice for the night was E.J's in Baden Ontario. Settled in with good food, cold beer and great service we are good.  Dennis and I had a feast of great chicken wings, fries and a caesar salad, Suzie had a schnitzel on a bun with fries and Sandy a wonderful sausage stuffed chicken thigh with a wild blueberry sauce, it was absolutley amazing!
great wings
chicken and blueberries, amazing
Tasty schnitzel on a bun
        Well that's enough for today, thanks for the read.

        Sorry about the formatting Blogger has been doing that a bit lately.
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  1. Now that the stressful week is behind you it should be all downhill from here and you'll be able to relax a bit more. Omer sure looks like he's looking hard for that critter.

  2. Love the pics of Omer digging! And thanks for the plumbing & tv service! There's always something, isn't there?! Lol

  3. Omer is one persistent digging dog! Nice job on the fix-ups.

    1. Yes Omer does his job well!
      Always something to fix.

    2. Love those Omer pics. From the rear it could almost be Molly, except that she ain't no digging dog.

  4. Omer looks like he is heading for China! Mown does make a good product.


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