Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Another hot day, yep its good!

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Resort Arkona Ontario
        Happy Independence Day to all our American friends out there. Hope y'all are enjoying nice weather and celebrations wherever you are.
        We had a good nights sleep but still quite warm this morning as well. My plan was to wash our coach today but after I checked things out decided it was too hot and humid for this. Check out our forecast for today below. Feel like 42c= 107f , think we will not exert ourselves too much today.
       So a shower to freshen up, read for a bit in the shade with a nice breeze, yep this is good as long as you are not working in it. Turned on our AC to keep the coach cool, but we stayed outside most of the day. Just inside to eat and sleep at night.
we have a nice shady spot
       Then a bit later head over to the pools, for and hour or so. Inside pool 84f outside 83f so outside we went, less crowded too.
indoor pool
outdoor pool
they are adding a couple of slides to the pool
         Now time for a bit to eat so something different for a change (more pork). But tonight I made up Sloppy Joes with it and pretty well finished up the rest of our pasta and potato salads as well.
very tasty Sloppy Joe's
       Still warm and humid outside so just enjoy the fresh sticky air with a slight breeze in the shade and catch up with some more reading. And maybe going backwards as Bob commented on yesterday's posting. (not quite sure what that means thou). We are being as careful as we can.
        Glad you could drop by and enjoy some summertime with us.
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  1. Thanks for the Independence Day was a great one with rain and cooler temperatures, even able to sit outside for dinner!

  2. Somehow you did it.....we got some heat and I got an hour to sit and read a book!! Thanks! Oh and we had sloppy joes the other are into my head:))

    1. Good for you guys enjoy the heat and your books. Any kind of Sloppy Joe's are good.

  3. It might have been a good thing to wash the rig on a hot day. You could have made sure most of that cool water was on you instead of the motorhome. Hopefully, you'll start getting some cool breezes to bring those temperatures down at least a little bit.

    1. All I had to do was look at the coach (in the shade) and be sweating, so will wait for a day or two when it cools down a couple of degrees.


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