Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, July 13, 2012

Arkona to New Hamburg Ontario

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
        Another hot humid day and not a problem for me. Take it easy and drink lotsa water, plus we are moving today. Always love day that, we hit the road, not going far and not somewhere different but we are moving. 90 minutes later we arrived at the farm in New Hamburg, just a wonderful country drive , no cities , no traffic, just love the tranquillity of it all.
        A few obstacles along the way, no problem, we are not in a hurry, farm machinery and critters on the road. So nice to be able to enjoy this and not be in a rush.
heading to another field 
had to stop for the bird family 
         Then we got to farm and were welcomed by Omer and the neighbor's dog Bengi rushed over to see Suzie. After a bit we are set up and ready to hang out. A nice shady spot and refreshing breeze making it quite nice. With only a 15 amp hookup here we will not run our airconditioner, and actually don't need it with the lovely country breeze.
Omer on the left and Bengi on the right
It did not take long for Suzie and Omer to relax in the shade
and brush out his heavy winter coat. She got a whole bag full of fur.
        Once we were set up up I made a quick trip to Kitchener (the Apple store) to get some friendly advice for my Mac. Wow is it ever hot in the city! So that done back to the farm in the shade and read for a short while before whipping up a quick supper. Tonight quick and simple, grilled chicken breast on a bun, celery, broccoli  and an interesting hot spicey potato wing snack I picked up this spring somehwere in the USA on our way home.
tatsy and addictive 
this did the trick for supper 
                Now cleaned up after supper and off to watch our Grandson play soccer. A great way to get together outside in the park and have fun with everyone.
        Now back home can sit outside for a bit and chat with Dennis, Sandy, Greg and Shelly after they are done chores and their field work.
        We are only here until monday morning (Sandy's birthday party on sunday). Then head up into the Kawartha Lakes area of Ontario to another membership park we belong to.
        Thanks for coming along for the ride.
Check out the map below to see where we have been this summer
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  1. Can I say have you thought of making a coat out of that fur? Or perhaps a nice soft pillow?

  2. You two just have so much fun and eat such great looking food!

  3. You're back visiting Omer? I bet he was certainly happy to see you both. It seems you have a worked out a system with your travel during the summer. At least you know lots of people and have membership parks around too. That works out perfectly for a wonderful summer with lots of places to go and people to see.

    1. Yes it does work out quite well for us. We love moving around visiting.

  4. Looks like Omer is happy to have you back...enjoy your time there, especially the cooler weather!

    1. yeah much better with the humidity feels like 36c (96f) better than 105f

  5. Your home on wheels, shade, dogs, family, kids soccer and great really doesn't get any better.

    1. Yep you are right.It doesn't get any better!


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