Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Busy day, and productive too.

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
        First thing this morning 8 am dropped Suzie of at her Mom and Dads they have doctor appointments. So from there stopped to visit ma at the hospital for a few minutes then over to her house and chat with brother and sister in law for a while. 
        Then over to the Apple store (Carbon Computers) in Kitchener for a bit of service on my Mac. Nothing serious just need to upgrade my operating system and do all the updates. Our 3 g stick is to slow and we only get 5 gig a month  usage, this requires much more usage so better and cheaper to let them do it. Dropped it off at 11 am they said probably tomorrow I can have my Mac back. Already going into withdrawal, Suzie said I could use her PC guess I can't complain can I? So did a bit of shopping then back to the farm, washed the car and settled to read in the shade for a while. Omer sat beside me for a bit and could not figure out why Suzie not here, he kept looking for her. She was still with here mom and dad  
         Well finally she came back with Mom and Dad and he is all happy once again.
relaxing and looking for Suzie

Suzie you coming out?
Oh goody now we can play!
          But then I got a call from the Apple store my Mac is ready! Wow only 4 hours, so as you can imagine I hopped in the car and back to Kitchener to pick it up. While there dropped by the hospital for a short visit with ma then stopped by here house to visit my sister who had just returned from Little Britain ( 2 hours east of here). We chatted a bit to bring us up to date then back to the farm to make supper for Suzie and I.
        Tonight we gonna do a couple beef kabobs that I marinated on the grill. Now it was windy so decided to use the large shiny BBQ here at the farm. Looks pretty but its just not my Weber.  Kinda like the difference between a PC and a Mac, they both do the job, but one is just much more efficient. You can make up your own mind, I think you know what my opinion is.

kabobs are done 
        So tasty beef kabobs, with some nice tender veggies and we cleaned up the leftover mashed potatoes, a bun and tossed salad for a very tasty supper. Yep we are feeling much better today, thats for sure. If I was sick for a week or two I know I would loose a few unwanted pounds, by not crazy about the sick stuff so will just have to deal with it.
very tasty
        Busy day done, supper done, read for while outside, then lets just call it another great day. Oh and can post todays blog on my new and improved Mac, all is good.
        Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. If we ever have the pleasure of meeting on the road, I certainly want to watch while you cook. You come up with the best looking dishes. I hope to learn a few tricks.

    1. We almost met in Needles California, maybe somewhere this winter would be nice. Cooking is fun and I believe that if you can make it look good it usually is.

  2. George, what typepart of the beef do you use to make your kabobs and do you marinade it? You guys sure know how to put on a spread.

  3. Sirloin tip or any good gut of steak, Marinate garlic, olive oil, vinger and whatever else you like for at least an hour or even overnight.

  4. Glad you got your computer back as I didn't want to hear of you having a 'Mac-attack' overnight. Another great looking dinner.

    1. Thanks Rick, after so many years with a PC (and I know you are a PC guy). I just find The Mac more fun and so easy to use. So far in three years it either works great or not at all, no errors keep popping up.


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