Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, July 05, 2012

A quiet cooler day!

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen resort Arkona Ontario
        Not much happening today so just taking  it kinda easy.  It is not quite as hot as it has been, only about 85f (30c) humidex around 38c (100f). But right after lunch it cooled down a bit, was overcast. So got my hose and brush out to wash our coach. Perfect weather for it no hot sunshine. 
         As soon as I was done the sunshine returned and so did the hot, humid weather.  Could not have planned it any better. And while I did this Suzie had a little nap. She got up and the heat returned so we proceeded to relax in the shade with our books. Perfect timing!
        Then as the day progressed after a few walkabouts, we fired up our Weber Q-100, threw on a couple baked potatoes, T-bone steak,  mushrooms and onions and a can of corn for a wonderful, tasty supper. Let's give the pork a rest for a few days.
Our Weber doing its job
yep it's good
        Now its Thursday and dart night here, so off we go at 6:30 to the clubhouse for some more fun. Suzie's team tied for first place (her team beat us two times) and in the playoffs put them as second place winners. So we won big time! 2 bucks. Only cost us three bucks to play so almost broke even.
Suzie doing her stuff
        Back home its after 9 o'clock so post the blog and watch the tube for a bit. 
        Yep life is good, let see what tomorrow brings.
        Thanks for the read, glad you could drop by.
Not sure what is happening to the formatting, but other than retyping a new posting this is how it is. Time to call it a night. I have also noticed this on a couple of other Blogger postings as well.
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  1. Your little Weber sure gets a workout. There are some mighty good looking meals coming off that grill!

  2. How come we never hear about your points George!!

    1. Because I am not a great dart player like Suzie is!

  3. Nice looking steak dinner. Fun way to spend the evening teaming up for some darts. Have a Great Friday!

    1. Yes was a great day winding down with darts.

  4. You are a real master on that Weber grill. I have one of those but it looks like I should be using it a lot more often - especially if meals come out looking as good as yours always do.

    1. The Weber is an awesome grill, a little practice and you can work wonders with it! Just fire it up and do some cookin.


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