Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On the Road Again Yeah!

Where are we today ?
Buckhorn Ontario
        This morning up early in anticipation of a travel day. A bit computing then decide to go for a quick visit and have a coffee with ma, won't be back in this area for quite a few weeks. Soon back home slide in, jacks up, coach secured and car hooked up we are on the road at 10. a.m. 
        We stopped in Milton for lunch. There is a lot of choices and parking for our coach, before heading thru the city and getting tied up in traffic. Today Mary Brown's Chicken hit the spot.
269 kms (167 miles)
        After lunch the next 90 minutes just making our way thru the city traffic and back into the countryside we enjoy, in the Kawartha's vacation country.
Chemong Lake
        Our destination is Galvin Bay Resort where we will be for 12 days, another home park for us and we have not been here yet this year due to  family commitments. Across the road is Chemong Lake  excellent for boating and fishing, two things I don't do much anymore. 
        Before checking into the resort gonna head the two miles north to the reservation and Terry's New Gas Bar. Good deal on gas here and we need lots. The price only $1.12 a liter ($4.23 per US gallon)  compared to $1.25 ($4.72 per US gallon) we saw on the way here today. We saved .13 cents a liter, quite substantial as we fuelled up the car and coach with 260 liters, a savings of $33.80 just on one fill-up.
new gas bar
here we are
          We finally got to the resort about 3 o'clock, checked in and set up on our site, taking our time in this very hot, humid day. A few people stopped to chat that we have not seen since last year as we were cooling in the shade. Then our friend Emile dropped by for a visit. As we got caught up with each other  I whipped up a couple full loaded hot dogs on the Weber for a nice light supper.
Suzie and Emile relaxing
       It feels nice to get back into this area of the province once again, it always feels so magical. 
        Glad you could join us today and you know what I was so involved and excited with travelling today I totalling forgot to take my usual food pictures, but everyone knows what a hot dog looks like, well maybe not mine, I do load them up with peanut butter, cheese whiz, mayo, tomato, onion, relish and mustard just to get all the food groups in there.
Check out the map below to see where we have been this summer
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  1. It IS magical in Ontario's near north, isn't it!

  2. What????????? No picture of the hotdog???? lol glad you arrived safe and sound now sit back and enjoy happy hour

  3. Peanut butter on your hot dog? Haven't seen a picture of that before. Looks like a gorgeous place. I'm sure you'll meet up with lots of old friends. Summer is ticking away so best to make the best of it.

    1. Oh yeah love peanut butter on my hot dog and lotsa other things too.

  4. Not sure I could put peanut butter on a hot dog! But, the rest of the stuff sounded o.k.

    1. Ever have peanut butter on your pancakes too?

  5. Sure would have been a hot day on the road!

    1. Our coach was cool, but pretty hot setting up.


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