Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, July 09, 2012

Monday Yeah!

Where are we today ?
Roack Glen Resort Arkona Ontario
        A wonderful bright sunny day today and not too hot. Up early as usual, walkabouts and visit with a few neighbors to chat. Not much on the agenda just enjoying this great weather. Some people are leaving and new ones arriving, never at a loss of people to visit with this lifestyle for sure. Sometimes busier than we wanna be. I had ordered a new operating system for my Mac from the Apple store last week Snow Leopard (I'm a couple behind) Good deal only $29.00 and free shipping. It came in today via UPS (delivered to our site I might add) now I can begin upgrading, when I have time!
         Did a few odd jobs here and there, then worked on polishing our coach for a couple hours. I ran out of compound so had to quit (oh darn!). Tomorrow is another day.
        Now can relax in the shade for a bit and enjoy our books for a while. Then soon time to fire up our Weber for a couple hamburgers, fry daddy for a couple chicken fingers and fries. Notice all the healthy eating habits that we have? Hmm gotta change that me thinks.
chicken finger appetizer 

tasty burger and a few fries
        Ok the day is done, not sure where it went but now we can enjoy our books in the shade for a while longer until it gets too dark and call it a night.
        Thanks for the read and hope y'all had a great day.
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  1. Replies
    1. Real easy, insert disc follow on screen instructions, done in 45 minutes. Just need to download software updates.

  2. Always lots of food in your day. I guess there's lots of food in the day of most RVers too. Nice weather makes the life just a little better. Enjoy!

    1. Well we have to eat so may as well have fun cooking it and eating it too. I enjoy planning and cooking supper where others don't so much.

  3. That burger looks good. The one thing I miss here is proper hamburger buns, preservatives and all.
    They have them in one grocery store down the street, but they're hard as a rock!

    1. The soft burger buns are good, and do not take away from all the rest of the stuff on it.


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