Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, July 02, 2012

Another relaxing hot summer day!

Where are we today ?
Plattsville Ontario
        Great temps for sleeping overnight with the windows open about 65f and by noon about 91f. Certainly my kind of weather.

        About 9:30 this morning Erin came over to clean up his huge pig roasters. So I gave him a  bit of a hand and we hooked up the power washer and in very little time all cleaned up and ready to go for the next function that he does. Almost one every weekend this summer he has been hired out, sure keeps himself busy cooking for various functions. And he has done many pigs, roast beef and lamb. I believe he has even done a few turkeys as well. This particular function is kinda special as he is married to Lea's daughter and is the father of their new grandson.
        Before long it was getting pretty warm so a short walk down the road by the river in the shade was just wonderful. Then back home to open our awning for a bit more shade and relax with our books for a while. A nice refreshing dip in the pool was called for, a couple of times as a matter of fact and a bit more reading. So peaceful and quiet today!
the Nith River Plattsville

nice house across the road
heading back down River road
        Late afternoon we visited with our hosts for a while for a cold beverage and another dip in the pool, yep we like this place. 
Me and Lea

        Then we head back home for a bite to eat, guess what? BBQ'd pork on a bun with sweet and sour sauce, potato salad and some fresh tomato and lettuce. Oh yeah is still all good.
tasty supper
        Now visit a bit with Lea's daughter and grandson for a while then lets just call it an early night. Don't want to wear out our welcome.
Lea and Thomas
Good night guys!
        We are on the road tomorrow back to Rock Glen Resort for a week or so, kinda kick back and relax for a while.

        So nice of you to drop by and enjoy a nice peaceful day with us. See y'all soon!
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  1. Stay cool! I hear tell the temp is going up and is going to be nasty. We'll be in the AC on the road. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I agree you definitely want want to wear out your welcome at that place. It looks like a 5**** to me.

  3. Glad you enjoyed your Canada day. We are finally back with a good internet connection. WE have been missing your blog. The BBQ pig looked really good. We are pushing mid to hi 80's here as well. Starting our trip north on Sunday.

    1. Pig was awesome as it usually is, and we had a great celebration, Try and keep cool there.


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