Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Woodtsock Farmer's Market

Where are we today ?
        Another nice day in the forecast. The weather guessers call for rain all day. Well we don't believe them. So after getting things in order about 9 am, we headed out to to the Woodstock Farmer's Market  it's been quite a few years and it was fun, we do love farmer's markets. Not like the bigger ones we have been to but each Market has its own personality.
        After visiting a cousin of Suzie's around the corner and dropping off a Genealogy she had compiled and chatting for a good long time, headed to the market. We enjoyed all the new vendors there and some great products they had to offer.
outdoor vendors
       Then inside we found some great meat products from the small local butchers.
nice looking beef (we did not buy any)
but we did buy some nice turkey burgers
and turkey sausage
then we saw these awesome looking, very thick
 smoked pork chops, just had to get some of those,
can't resist smoked chops, moderation right?
a small basket of new red potatoes
we did not buy and blueberries, but did get a
whole mess of strawberries.
real Maple syrup, but we still have some
       After all this fun and fresh meat we had to get home, early afternoon. A bite to eat for lunch and still not raining. So my plan was to mow some more lawn. About an hour later in began to rain, so back home to putter around for about 20 minutes. 
raining pretty hard for a few minutes
         Rain stopped, sun came back out and got some more lawn mowed. Hmmm, and another hour later starts to rain again. That's it, mower back in the shed,( only one acre left to do) Suzie picked me up near the back of the yard during the downpour. (Thanks Suzie!)
I was back by the white building when the rain began
        By now its 4 o'clock and sun shining again, but we can enjoy our books for a while, before the Weber Q gets going to grill a couple turkey burgers and two small taters.
turkey burgers and two tiny taters
         I had picked up two fresh buns at the bakery for our burgers, whipped up a nice spinach salad, with fresh  mushrooms, strawberries, cranberries, olives, red onion, flax seed, sunflower seeds, a bit more bean salad, we sure had a very tasty supper.
love that beeftseak tomato on the burger
very tasty burgers
        Just another fun day here exploring a bit more. Enjoying the summer here in Ontario.
        Glad you could drop by for a visit. Hope y'all come back again too.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle. 
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  1. We enjoy farmer's markets too. Those chops you picked up looked great. The fresh veggies and fruits are what living in summer offer us. Nice!

    1. Fresh fruits and veggies in season here are great. Lotsa great markets to check out here too.

  2. I two find the best farmer's markets. And I agree...those pork chops look yummy!

    1. Lots of great markets around, just need to search them out.
      Can't wait to try the chops tomorrow, big enough to share one chop.

  3. Too bad we missed you in Woodstock today...but one day soon!

  4. That looks like you found another fantastic farmer's market. They must be everywhere there.

    1. They are everywhere around here, and we enjoy them.

  5. Boy those blueberries sure looked yummy.....Saturdays and Farmers Markets just seem to go together this time of year. We discovered Olathe Sweet Corn here in Montrose yesterday......can't wait to try it!

    1. We have been feasting on Blueberries for a while and enjoyed them back to strawberries again.
      Gotta love fresh picked sweet corn.

  6. Seeing how long it takes Bev to pick a quart of blueberries, all of those took some serious picking, unless they have a machine - maybe one that shakes the bush just hard enough for the ripe ones to fall off.

    1. They charge $30.00 for a six quart basket, think they are picked by hand. And they are all in good shape too, not crushed.

  7. Another great Farmer's Market. Those blueberries looked terrific! So did the burger.

    1. It is a great market and the Turkey burger was very tasty too,


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