Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Market at St. Jacobs

Where are we today ?
       What can I say just another awesome day again. Bet you getting tired of hearing this, but thats the best we can do when hanging out here in Ontario for 5 months, just moving from here to there and doing STUFF.
       Todays stuff was to head on out to the St. Jacobs Market just cause it is open on Thursday and we have a free day (almost). So after walkabouts and things done we hopped in the car to the market. Perfect day for it weather wise and as usual always busy there. Also Thursday is the stockyards at the same place, cattle auctions and all makes it that much busier.
        We did find a parking spot a long way away, but we are here for the walking any who. So walking we did for close to 3 hours.
from the parking lot to the market a good 5 minute walk
contstruction site for the new market building
wagon rides anyone ?
        As usual lots of buskers about providing atmosphere and entertainment, notice their designated spots in the blue circles. We also ran into a couple we met at Rock Glen Resort on Arkona who are camped close by, its amazing with so many people here at the market
fun time here and sure they make good money too
first row
inside the pedlars village, many rows
 of interesting things
this replica on sale only about $1,000.00
         Into the coverall, nice and bright lots more vendors, meat, cheeses, baked goods.
cold cuts 
lots of fresh sausage 
seafood awesome
       Then the poultry vendors, chicken, turkey products, we picked up some fresh garlic turkey sausage for supper tonight.
The flute player that was at Grand Bend last Sunday
       Then more outside vendors lost of fresh produce, all looks so good and lots of samples.
colored tomatoes
love these fresh Canadian Cranberries
red and green tomatoes
local sweet corn
local mushrooms
Niagara fresh peaches
       We came home with fresh picked blueberries, 2 cobs of corn , 1 kilo of fresh cranberries, and some garlic turkey sausage. An homemade hot horseradish all very good and consumable, thats what we need. No room for stuff.
We can enjoy a bit of reading in the afternoon shade
        Now home I puttered around for a couple hours, think I found the source of dampness on our bedroom carpet. A bit of water seepage from our fresh water tank filler hose, when it is full to the top. Solution don't fill it to the top anymore when we are moving the coach. 

Corn and Turkey sausage on the Q 
add a bit of bean salad and we had a tasty supper.
       There ya go another fun busy day in the land of fulltimers. Works for us.
        Thanks for the visit again.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. That King Tut's chair would make a great replacement for your driver's seat in the MH! :c)

    1. Maybe but not sure how comfortable it would be, for the price.

  2. Great choices at the market. All of that freshness cannot be topped.

    1. It is all so good and tasty, but we can only eat so much.

  3. Just the site of all the fresh produce looks so inviting. We see you had another busy day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. That is quite the market...they have everything!

    1. They sure do, did not see you guys there though.

  5. I never heard of a roof like that called a coverall, but how appropriate.

    1. A coverall is a quickly erected building, commonly used on farms, and are very popular around here in the country.

  6. That is one great looking market and good that it open year round.

    1. Yes it is open year round, but even better in the summer.

  7. I can't wait to go to the Amish market next week. That produce looks fabulous.

  8. I really like the markets you have there. I wish I could find more of those but in our travels we don't find them often.

    1. There should be lots around especially oif you have some farm country, but most are not very big.


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