Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A cooler relaxing day just flew by.

Where are we today ?
      Pretty cool today only going to get into the highs 60s F (19c) and overcast. Not our favourite kinda weather but hey its not too cold and not snowing!
      After a good nights sleep and up early, drank the pot of coffee, chat with Suzie and, computing is done, first walkabout by 7:30 am. 
spotted a few bunnies here and there
nice a quiet here now too.
        Then we just puttered around, minor things here and there, adjustment of the drivers door on our coach and read for a while outside, a couple light rain showers, send us under cover then back out. A 30 minute workout in the gym, passed on the indoor pool, too many little ones today for my liking, too cold for the outdoor pool (its not heated). While reading the local flyer saw an add for Huron County Playhouse, with an interesting show playing starting tomorrow. Checked on line and snapped up two tickets for the Matinee tomorrow, a rare treat for us, we do enjoy the theatre. But the timing was perfect, looking forward to it.
       Now we get to enjoy some more peaceful time immersed our books, before I fire up our Weber Q to grill a nice Turkey breast and acorn squash (with a bit of honey) to add to another tasty salad.
preheat 15 minutes on high, then low and slow directly on
the grill close the lid for one hour,  no peaking
turn down to here and close the lid 
the sun came out and we enjoy another hour of reading
70 minutes and turkey breast  is done 165f (no turning)
Squash done perfect as well
Sure hit the spot and lotsa leftover turkey too
       After suppers done the skies cleared and actually got quite warm, warmer than its been all day. So another walkabout, chat with a few new people and read a bit more. We sure both do love reading, hardly enough hours in the day.
        Thanks for checking us out again, looking forward to the Theatre tomorrow. Will be rocking and rolling and dancing in the isles, maybe. 
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. It has been super hot here on the west coast.

    1. Should cool down soon for you and we will get the heat.

  2. Actually turned on our furnace this morning to take the chill off!

  3. It's even cool in Alabama. What's with the weather?

  4. I believe you could be the poster boy for the Weber Q - I can't imagine anyone getting their moneys worth from one more than you do. I enjoy seeing the different ways you cook on it.

    1. Ha, ha, thanks Larry, but with out lifestyle it works perfectly and does an awesome job too.

  5. We are having our first cloudy day in a week. Still warm though.

  6. We had horrible storms yesterday in Colorado Springs.....our rv park flooded! Today is clean up day!
    Your blue skies look very inviting!

    1. Love the clear blue skies, we had some clean up here the other day with the heavy rains too.


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