Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Flea Market again and a very quiet Sunday.

Where are we today ?
         Sunday morning, nice and warm again, no rain, really kinda like that. Got the usual stuff done early (you know coffees, computing and walkabouts).
          And by 8:30 am waiting for Suzie to finish her stuff and have a shower. Almost ready to head out and Rick and Kathy  fellow bloggers that were here for the weekend dropped in to say good bye. They had been to the clubhouse for the free pancake breakfast every Sunday morning. We have never been as we are not big breakfast eaters and not real lovers of pancakes, maybe once a year.
          Said our goodbyes (they heading home) and we headed out to the Pinery Feamarket in Grand Bend  again (every Sunday) nothing we need and nothing we want to buy but do enjoy the outing there to wander about for a couple hours. Ended up I spent one dollar for a huge fresh sweet red pepper. 
coming in the entrance 
perfect weather for the market
         Almost anything you could want or need, even stuff that you don't need is here.
Lots of nice hats, good prices too
home baked cookies, pastries etc...
DVd's, VHs  lots of choices
bicycles ?
flute music, really nice 
tye dyed shirts ?
old radios 
how about antique shoes ?
           On the way back home looks like a bad accident to hwy 21, traffic backed up for miles. After 10 minutes waiting we turned around and took some back roads to bypass. Not that we were in a hurry, but who knows how long we would have sat there.
nice scenic back roads
         After a bite for lunch we enjoyed nice afternoon with our books. And even had time for a nice workout un the gym as well.
        Around 3 pm Ron and Loree stopped by with Freddie to chat and enjoy a "Happy Hour" with us while our ribs were just roasting away on the Weber Q wrapped in foil with a few spices and sauerkraut.
       Suzie got a doggie fix and a few toe licks from Freddie.
         The pork ribs just do their thing on the Q (low and slow) we can smell the garlic and sauerkraut all afternoon. Oh smells so yummy!
        Once they headed home I whipped up a nice salad, reserved the sauerkraut and placed the ribs on the grill with some tangy sticky BBQ sauce to glaze them, to perfection, fall off the bone tender!
ready for the grill now
sauce is caramelizing yummy
that was it for tonights supper, really hit the spot
          After supper a short walkabout and enjoy some more of our books on a wonderful warm evening, temps in the low 70's , perfect! Our friends have left, the weekenders have left and it is a very quiet night = perfect !
       Thanks again for stopping by, really hope you had and "awesome" Sunday too.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. I still can't believe all the markets you seem to find and spend time at having a grand time.

    1. Lots of summertime markets all over southern Ontario, have not even scratched the surface.

  2. We had our first corn on the cob of the season on the grill today and it was fantastic. We're a little slower down here getting the fresh veggies in. Peace and quiet is definitely a good thing.

    1. They had fresh corn there too, but did not buy any.
      It was nice again.

  3. "Almost anything you could want or need, even stuff that you don't need is here? … yep!~ my kind of place and look at the tables of home baked cookies … etc. like flute music too …. love Freddie's face … aw and I just have never liked toe licks… I don't know why… ;)

    1. Everything good there at the market.
      Freddie is such a good dog too.

  4. Great way to spend the day! Love those markets.....

  5. I love to walk around those markets, but never seem to buy anything but books.

    1. We usually do books to , but stocked up pretty good last weekend, only so much room in our RV.

  6. Think you had a more relaxing day than we did. We love walking around those kinds of markets too but since it was a travel day we had to pass on it. Until we cross paths again.
    I honestly didn't hear where Kathy set the GPS for. Maybe I need hearing aides too. She didn't have a Windsor address to put in. I asked what about our Tecumseh Address?
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It was a perfect day for us the market is always fun.
      I always check our route on Goggle maps first, then have Suzie put that route into our Microsoft Street and trips, with the GPS. Works easy for us.


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