Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Elvis was here, and so was the rain and blogger friends, an awesome day for sure.

Where are we today ?
      Not too cold last night, windows open a great for sleeping. Got a good sleep and slept in until 5 am, WOW thats pretty good for me. Got the computing, and coffees done then first walkabout shortly after 7 am. Slightly drizzling like it did almost all day long. Hmm,, did Rick and Kathy bring this cool rainy weather with them? But its really not too cool so were able to enjoy the day. Socks, shoes, swet pants and sweater made it quite comfortable for sitting around, keep the dampness off, even though the temps were close to 70f (20c).
       Few hours outside enjoying our books and walkabouts here and there, really could be much worse.
drizzly day
          Early afternoon Rick stopped in and invited us over for a visit. So that we did , chatted and chatted, shared stories and even gave them a quick tour of the resort.
outdoor pool
nice hot tub
         Kathy and Suzie walking ahead of us while Rick and I toddled along.
         Then we got near the pond and a very young girl had a fish hook caught in her shirt. The barb would not let us get it out so I went and got some pliers, squished the barb. Rick removed the hook then she headed back to Gramma's trailer almost in tears.
         This guy below is in the pond looking for his remote control boat. Apparently last night he was whipping around the pond with it and hit the sprinkler, flipped over then righted itself. And immediately sank to the bottom. Now the search is on to try and retrieve it, wished him luck, am sure its worth a few bucks. Pretty dirty mucky pond no way to swim there, huge snapping turtles.
       After more chatting and visiting, before we know it time to head home and begin whipping up supper. Tonight we are going to enjoy a couple more fish Tacos, spanish rice and some saut'ed fresh spinach ( in olive oil and fresh garlic). Never had the spinach like this before and really enjoyed it. As a child we had boiled canned spinach not really good at all.
Basa fillets and toppings ready
a few minutes on the grill and the fish is perfect
Threw it all together and was very tasty
        Now supper done we got some quality reading done for a while and the drizzle continued  and watched the covered wagon ride around the campground with Santa and Roxy (Campground mascot). Everyone had a great time.
       At 8'o'clock Rick and Kathy came back to join us as we headed to the Club House. ELVIS has arrived and we snaffled seats with Bob and Mary to enjoy his show. Pretty good singing and a decent show, considering it was free. We actually had a great  time and stayed for the full two hours! Danced a couple songs. Half way through he changed costumes a did a Conway Twitty set, pretty good as well. 
       One nice thing here its a family campground and great to see some young children even some teenagers there enjoying themselves.
Elvis Signing Teddy Bear
Elvis threw a teddy Bear for Suzie
lucky girl !
Stole this picture off Rick's Blog of us
having too much fun 
teens dancing with Roxy
our table
he came back as Conway Twitty
even the kids have a ball
        Then we could have had a wagon ride home, all lit up for the Christmas in July theme.
would have been nice but we walked home
         Yep we had a great day even if the weather was not great, cool, damp and drizzly. We had Santa, Roxy, Elvis and Conway Twitty here, not to mention the fun time we had with Rick and Kathy as well. Hope you had a fun Saturday too.
        Thanks for stopping by again, it was a Blast!
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. George? that is NOT Elvis… HAhaaaa Suzie got a teddy bear… you all have such fun … Conway Twitty? oh me…

    1. Ok, it was an impersonator, but he did a great show, good singing and a fun entertainer. Same with Conway Twitty.
      Was a nice free night out, right here in our park.

  2. A great day enjoyed with friends! That's pretty cool you had a free concert.
    And there you go again with the fish tacos...yummy!!!!!!!

    1. We do like free, works for us.
      Still had some tortillas so used them up they were pretty tasty.

  3. Kathy and I enjoyed another Awesome day of visiting, touring and even being Elvis groupies with you and Suzie.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks for joining us it was and fun day for sure, even if it was raining.

  4. Music and dancing sounds like a fun way to spend the evening. I like the music from both Elvis and Conway and if the guy could sing, I would enjoy hearing their old songs.

    1. He was a pretty good singer actually, we were surprised.

  5. Your was quite the exciting day. Helping a girl in distress and closing the day with a free concert, along with RV visitors, was a break from the norm. Good stuff!

  6. Yet another awesome day. Lucky for that little girl that the barb only got her clothing.

    1. Yes she was lucky, and was trying to take it out herself.


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