Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Saturday night and Sunday in Tavistock Ontario.

Where are we today ?
       After the market on Saturday we secured our coach and headed on out to visit with Suzie's sister Rose and husband Ross. Passed thru Punkeydoodles corners along the way to their place in Tavistock Ontario.
        We arrived at their place about 2 pm, relaxed for a while and chatted. Enjoying their newly renovated patio and wind break they had installed.
one product Ross does is Golfscapes
a sample here in their yard
our coach behind some of their equipment
       The link to his website is here Ross Yantzi's Pavestone Plus showing some of the work that they do.
nice blinds for their Patio
      Then I prepared a salad for supper using this Old Bay Seasoning spice on the Basa fillets I grilled on their HUGE Weber grill.
nice BBQ station on their patio
we started with some escargot and a fresh baguette 
huge grill
I had already eaten some fish before taking my picture
ooppps, it was yummy
then relaxed on their lower patio after supper
love the indirect lighting on the patio wall
      Before we knew it was getting late and dark outside, past our bedtime, so time to hit the hay, right here in their driveway at "Camp Pavestone Plus."

        Then comes Sunday morning, putter around a bit and help set up the house for a noon time BBQ lunch to celebrate Suzie's mother's 80 birthday, only 18 here today, its summer and some of the close family already had other plans.
about noon Ross fired up his Weber and grilled some tasty
 garlic sausage and chicken breasts
     Then 1 pm time to dig in  lotsa great salads.
very tasty!
      Then the birthday cake, chocolate gluten free, so moist.
Suzie's Dad, Mom and her great grandson to help
blow out the candles.
and some Canadian ice cream to go with the cake
       Then we play out side in the yard, kids playing ball and on the swing set, enjoy a perfect summer day. Checking out the fish pond with lily pads and of course a frog sitting on one too.
lots of huge fish in the pond
      Now to congregate on the large patio, and chat the afternoon away, nice to have a bunch for a birthday party.
L-R Suzie's Mom, and her sister Delores, Suzie and her sister Rose.
      Once again before we knew it the afternoon was done and people started to head home, so we secured our coach and headed back to Plattsville for a day or two. Have to leave their driveway before 7am Monday when Ross's crews come in to pick up the equipment and head out to the their perspective job sites.
Back at Camp Awesome
Buddy and Molly glad to see us again
Suzie took them for a run, then drink and a treat
they can relax waiting for squirrels to chase
       Now we can relax after a busy weekend and enjoy some quiet time with our books.
       That was our fun weekend hope yours was wonderful too.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. Mom looks wonderful for 80. Looks like she had a super celebration.

    I love that patio. Gorgeous.

    1. It was a fun time for sure.
      Ross does do excellent work.

  2. HAhaaaa Punkeydoodles… I used to use that seasoning back in the days of shrimp boils … good stuff…. don't do snails ~ call 'em whatever you want ;)

    Happy Birthday Suzie's Mom … 80's not that far away for me… wow… 80.

    Ditton on the patio .. gorgeous!

    1. The Old Bay is great on lotsa things. Snails not for everybody, so there is enough for us.
      80 does get a lot closer every year.

  3. Punkeydoodles? What a name! Your mother sure is a young chick! How nice to have family around and especially with all that food you usually have.

    1. She still looks pretty good, and the get togethers are fun.

  4. Looks like you guys had a fun and busy weekend. Punkydoodles is a place that would be hard not to visit just to get a shot of the sign.

    1. It was a busy weekend.
      Not much there now other than the sign and 4 houses.

  5. I'm always hungry after reading your blog, George. And, I just finished dinner!

    1. Rick, maybe you should have been here for the party!
      You would not go away hungry.


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