Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tues. Dec.13, Will it be nice today?

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Where are we Today?

        We watched the sunrise and it looks like its gonna be a beautiful day, clear skies and pretty warm 70f (21c) at 8 am. But the local weather man says it's raining in Tuscon about an hour west of here?   So off for a nice morning walkabout.
walking east
        Well a few minutes later I turned around and looked west, yeah does not look good. Within an hour the temperature dropped to 50f (10c), guess the weatherman was right.
dark skies
        Mid morning I took Suzie to the Chiropractor for another adjustment (her arm is almost good as new now) then back home. Think I will throw some country style ribs in the slow cooker today, with  sauerkraut, green peppers, onions, garlic and carrots. The smell in our house will work wonders on a rainy day. It ended up that there was a record rainfall for this date 1.4 inches.

        With the rainy afternoon I took the car for an oil change, and picked up some new wiper blades for the car as well. Less than $5.00 each here, $15.00 each at home! Stop by the Rv place for a couple of spare parts then back home to read for a while, listening to nonstop Christmas carols on our satellite radio system.

        Finally we were overcome by the aromas and succumbed to temptation enjoying a tasty tender  bbq'd rib dinner with creamy whipped potatoes.
        When we were at Bensons street fair on Saturday there was a photographer Greg McCowan, selling framed prints of his desert pictures, plus he had many sample prints for people to take free. Good advertising his website address is on the back with amazing photos available on line. I took one that caught my eye and would like to share it with you.
a desert sunset
        Ok now we have had a enough rain let's get back into some dry winter weather. Maybe tomorrow.

        In answer to the question at the top, yes it was much nicer than back home, maybe the sun was shining there but very cold, we'll take this anyday!
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  1. Hope it dries out soon. Should be good for the wildflowers next year! Where are you?

  2. Timandellen:

    Yep will help the flowers for sure, Benson Arizona.

  3. Some dark looking clouds there, and a big swing in temperature so fast. Nice to hear that suzie's arm continues to improve. Those are some nice looking ribs can almost smell the aroma here. Have a nice evening.

  4. Alan and Lolita:

    Desert weather is funny sometimes, that's one of the thing we love about this area.

    Always have a great evening, thanks.

  5. It has been a strange last month weather wise. You just have to take each day as it comes.

  6. You do know how to make the best of a cooler day. Those ribs look mouth watering good.
    We are so glad to hear your Suzi is almost back to normal.
    Take care, guys ... TnT

  7. Conntessa:

    Yep that's what we do its all good.

  8. TnT:

    We had lots of ribs, should have been here.

    The way Suzie is going she will be better than normal !!


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