Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Mon. Dec. 5th. I-COACH

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Where are we Today?

        Ok now enough of this stuff, Global warming, not! we are having Global colding. Got up this morning fired up the furnace and fiddled with the internet. The sun came up and I looked outside, thought it was chilly.
        Well as you can see it was cold! This is the sixth winter we have come to Arizona and we know its the desert but usually don't get the real cold nights quite yet. Sure great for sleeping thou. I went into town after coffees computing and a walkbout. I am going test a few things with our Internet system from I-coach.
nice mountain view
        We have had this system about three years now and it had been working great! It works on a 3G cellular system (a Telus Stick) hooked up to a power boosted antenna and a wireless router. A very nice convenient system that gives us internet 24/7 pretty well anywhere in Canada and the USA with pretty decent speeds most of the time as well. We started having problems on friday and got in touch with Tech support (Andrew and Bill) at I-Coach. They analysed our system and determined it was a problem with the Telus Stick. They had Telus phone us (we have free incoming calls at the moment.) With a conference call they checked out our account and somehow upgraded our Telus stick so that it works. Well we were still having problems (like dropped calls) so I took the stick, plugged it into my Mac and drove into Benson for some groceries and check out service there. Works great, St. David, works great, the campground works great, our campsite, barely works! I checked a few times around the campground then called back to I- Coach with a few more questions, chatted with Bill for a while and we determined our campsite is possibly an almost dead zone. Go figure of all the places to camp here, we got this site. So we now know a lot more about our I-coach system thanks to those patient guys at I-coach and us having time to play with it. Looks like we may be moving campsites in the morning.

        Now all this was done by 11 am and its now bright sunny and quite hot in the sun! Only three hours after the previous temperature reading.
thats better
        Now the internet mystery is solved, and a roast beef in the slow cooker, we can putter around. More walkabouts, sit in the sun and read for a while just enjoying the sunshine while its here. Suzie's shoulder is slowly getting better and she soon be good as new.

        Before we know it's time to eat, the sun going down and cooling off. Now after smelling the aromas of this roast cooking all day in our house, lets enjoy ! Roast beef, onions, garlic, potatoes carrots and gravy perfect!
        Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Pretty cold here in Cathedral City, too. Down to 1C overnight.

    That roast beef looks so good!

  2. Daryl:

    Looks like to cold is hitting pretty well everywhere for a bit, soon get warmer. Roast beef was great thanks, too bad you weren't here!

  3. Yes, it is cold here in Texas as well.
    We had soup to warm us up, but that roast beef sure looks awesome.
    Glad you figured out your internet stick. Take care ... TnT

  4. TnT:

    Well we take the cold as well as the warm, still better than back home and we are seeing lots of great country and meeting new people while we are at it too.


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