Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mon.Dec 12th, Winter storm Warning !

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 Where are we Today? 

        Well I was afraid I would jinx us by making a comment on TnT's Blog the other day that I don't remember us having it rain all day in all the winters we have spent in Arizona. Well today it did, rainy drizzly, no sunshine, but no too cold. As a matter of fact the local weather stations have a winter storm warning and the local people are so excited. Mount Lemon in Tucson is expected to have over 12 inches of snow (elevation 9,000 ft), about one hour away, for us just rain (elevation 3,500 ft) 60f (15c). Even a warning that the washes and dry river beds may be running.
        So its good day for puttering around. Not raining too hard a few walkabouts, research and blog reading on the internet, even read our books for a bit, chat with a few neighbors, we even thought about watching a movie but just ran out of time.  Maybe tomorrow hopefully is raining again.

        A fellow rver' has a nice rig with a garage on the back and I watched him and chatted for a while as he loaded up his motorcylce and bicycles, before hooking up to their large 5th wheel trailer, nice design.
nice garage
        First thing this morning our fridge does not seem to be cooling enough (hate warm beer and sour milk) so I  called Roadrunner Mobile Rv Service. And Ron said  he would be in our campground today and drop by to check us out.
        About 4 o'clock Ron arrived, (he had a big job with another rig here). Checked our fridge, made a few adjustments, then I had him remove the drain plug from our hot water tank and flush it out. The plug was seized and I was unable to loosen it. All the while Ron gave me a great education on water heaters, propane, fridge repairs and maintenance, I love learning more on how these things work. He very efficiently got the work done and was reasonable as well.

        This worked out perfect today, its still drizzling and too yukky for a BBQ. We have been smelling the broasted chicken from Junction Express and were waiting for the perfect day to enjoy it one more time before we leave the area. As I mentioned on previous postings, its about the best we have ever had and will not have any of this tasty juicy chicken for quite a while.
        Just enjoying our meal chatting and relaxing, wrap up the few dishes, read and compute a bit more and an episode on NCIS before calling it another wondeful day. we can handle these kind of winter storms.
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  1. wow what a great day!!! A little rain makes for a rest day :)

  2. Elaine and Rick:

    Yep it sure was a tough one!

  3. Nothing worse than warm beer and sour milk. Glad you got the fridge working properly again.

    We are coming up on two months without a speck of rain.

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. Kevin and Ruth:

    Gotta love Mexico, hope you get more months of no rain!

  5. Agree with Kevin... although I can live with the warm beer if it is the only way I can have it :)

  6. heyduke50:

    Like you said, warm beer is better than no beer.

  7. What was wrong with the fridge?

  8. Contessa:

    Not much just adjust the thermister, check door seal and show me how to revitalize it, adjust the igniter for the propane, the big thing was to remove the ceased up brass drain plug without ruining the water heater. Want to get these things done before they become a big problem.

  9. Sometimes slow day's are the best. Glad you found a good RV repair guy and got your fridge problem fixed. The chicken looks delicious.

  10. Alan and Lolita:

    The repair guys was recommended by different people, very knowledgable and friendly.

    Yes the chicken is great when cooked to order.

  11. Hey, George, thank you very much for the honourable mention !!

    Next time you should leave us a comment saying something like - "I sure haven't won a million dollars before"

    Take care and have a great day !!

  12. TnT:

    You are welcome!

    why did you win a Million dollars???


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