Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Wed. Dec. 7th Wonderful blue skies

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer,
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 Where are we Today?

        Another great nights sleep, first thing in the morning turn on the heater, then coffees and computing until the sunrises and warm things up. The two coaches beside us left first thing giving us less shade, which is good. Then I made a quick trip to the store for a few things and our new extra step the we had ordered from Cates and Hill. Finally the one we want at the price we want to pay!

our extra step
        Now with another wonderful sunny day, walkabouts and puttering around. Late morning I noticed a flatbed trailer come to a coach that was burned out a short while ago. The insurance had written it off (electrical short) thankfully no body was hurt. Well this brought a few neighbors together to watch and chat, want to see how its done but the truck broke a hydraulic hose and had to wait for repairs so we did not hang around. Have more important things to do, like read a book.
        Well that excitement taken care of back home to sit in the sun with our books and it was amazing. Blue skies,a few fluffy clouds, nice desert, campground scenery. The nice thing here is the temperature was only about 60f (15c) too cold to sit in the shade, but in the sun I had put on shorts,  a T-shirt and sandals, Suzie would take off her sweater, roll up pant legs, then when a cloud came by sweater back on, pant legs down. That's one thing we love about the desert, it can get hot even in the winter.
beautiful skies
a nice sunny spot
just love the look of this storage shed
        Well as we sat reading enjoying the sunshine and warmth a few neighbors stopped by to chat for a bit, get acquainted, it's always fun meeting new people. With no rigs beside us, it was still sunny and warm enough to sit outside until almost 5 o'clock, perfect!  Now inside to clean some jumbo shrimp for a tasty supper of fettuccine alfredo with shrimp and a tossed salad, another favorite of ours.
        That is close to the end of another perfect day, just chat for a while, read, compute and a bit of tv. Suzie's arm is getting much better, wish we knew what she did to it.
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  1. aww and another great day!!! Sunshine, books, visits and great food!!

  2. and another great day...sunshine, books, visitors, and great food!!! Can't ask for any more than that...

  3. Elaine:

    yup its a great life, soon you can get out there and enjoy!!

  4. So glad to hear that Suzie's arm is doing better.
    Funny how a person can wake up with a pain that lasts for days.
    Soon she will be 100%
    Take care ... TnT

  5. I do like the new extra step.

    Suzie might have just slept on her arm and created a painful bruise.

  6. Contessa:

    Thanks, think her back need adjustment.


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